NCAA Men’s Tournament Preview

By Richard Kent
Updated: March 19, 2008

CONNECTICUT — While Mount St. Mary’s win over Coppin State was the first official game of the NCAA Tournament, the real tournament begins in earnest on Thursday afternoon.

Today, I’ll take a peek at the brackets and give you an idea as to who we think will be carrying the trophy on the night of April 7 in San Antonio. Let’s take a look.


Texas appears to have an easy run to the Final Four. They will be playing in Houston. They are playing as well as any team in the country right now. Certainly they will have to get beyond both Stanford and Memphis but they have the defense to make that work in the NCAA Tournament.

Pittsburgh is another team to look at coming off of a great Big East tournament win. The team that I expect very little from is Oregon at the No. 9 seed. They are highly overrated and should fall to Mississippi State led by Jarvis Varnardo.


Kansas is the best team in the country and despite a tough game with Clemson should get through this Region. Many like Davidson as a sleeper especially given the fact that they return all five starters led by Jason Richards.

I like them to win their first game but to get picked off in the second game. Also consider Siena as a possible spoiler.


This is a very tough Region. When all is said and done North Carolina should edge Tennessee but Tennessee could very easily had been a No 1 seed. They have beaten Memphis, Xavier, and Gonzaga.

North Carolina is playing very well and Tyler Hansbrough is the best player in the Tournament. In order for Tennessee to beat them, James Lofton must be hot from the outside. Butler is a team at No. 5 that may and should make it to the Sweet 16.


Sure we see the name Duke in the west but they are overrated this season. Kyle Singler may be one of the best 5 freshmen in the country. He is only shooting 31% over the past 6 games.

UCLA is a great team and Ben Howland is one of the top coaches but will still have to beat a very strong Connecticut team to get beyond the Sweet 16. Connecticut boasts an inside-outside threat and could surprise.

Xavier is a team that I expect to beat Duke in the Sweet 16 led by Drew Lavender. Watch out for West Virginia who is Joe Alexander may have the best player in the Region.