More Misery In Manhattan

By Jerald L. Hoover
Updated: March 7, 2008

NEW YORK — Super stud LeBron (The Chosen One) James came to Madison Square Garden Wednesday night and put on a complete show reminiscent of another number 23.

King James scored an effortless 50 points as the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the New York Knicks, 119-105. LeBron hit three-pointers (seven in all) as if he were shooting layups during warm-ups drills before games.

Somewhere within the Philadelphia landscape, former New York Knicks coach Larry Brown has to be tickled pink. After all, he is some 18 million dollars richer having settled on the remaining $40 million that was left on his contract when he survived just one year as head coach.

But, with virtually the same crew sans the injured and disgruntled former All-Star Stephon Marbury, the Knicks are still a bungled mess. Heading that list of the atrocity at the Garden is head coach and team president is Isiah Thomas.

For all of his irreverent qualities that he possesses as a talent evaluator, he’s equally worse as a people person and coach. At this rate in the game, Thomas can go down as the worse coach/manager/president in New York history.

The win-loss record aside the off the court and locker-room malaise is enough to make one puke. Isiah’s vision when he first got to New York in December of 2004 was to have athletes in the front court as well as back court.

His very first mistake was trading away forward Keith Van Horn who was playing very well with Marbury at the time with former Knick Kurt Thomas at the other forward spot, to Milwaukee for Tim Thomas.

At a robust and true 6-foot-10 inches Tim played as if her were 6-foot-3 while averaging a merger 3 rebounds per game and playing shoddy defense. And his jump shot wasn’t nearly as pure as Van Horn’s thus the pick and roll from the small forward spot was of none effect and consequently Tim resorted to chucking up three’s instead.

That team made it to the Playoffs only to get vanquished by the New Jersey Nets in four games. That was the last time the Knicks made it to the Playoffs as head coach after head coach came and went.

Now that Isiah is at the helm for what seemed to be a honeymoon and most promising season last year after the Brown stint this season seems to be worse. Especially now that Marbury and Thomas who were once chummy chummy and neighbor’s up in ritzy Purchase, NY are no longer on speaking terms unless they’re gripping at one another.

Good guys such as Malik Rose, David Lee and perhaps even the team’s best and most community active player Jamal Crawford are bound to grow even more tired of what is going on and may start to demand trades.

Lee has tremendous value around the league but his salary wouldn’t garner much more in return unless there was a multi-player deal in place. But if the Knicks do trade the teams most popular player along with Nate Robinson they better very well get something strong back in return.

Seems like the more the media and perhaps even commissioner David Stern tries to convince or entice owner James Dolan to make a major move within management the more stubborn he becomes. From a business standpoint Dolan has all the leverage in the world that he needs.

After all the fuss and dust settling, the fact remains still that the Knicks are still according to Forbes worth more than any other team in the League. So no matter how bad the product is at this point in time fannies are still warming the seats at the Garden.

And with that, Dolan can wag his finger snub his nose and close his ears knowing that he’s still the biggest attraction in the NYC despite the misery.