Looking Back At A Busy Fight Weekend

By Tom Donelson
Updated: March 16, 2008

IOWA CITY, Ia. — Last weekend was a very active time in the worlds of both Mixed Martial Arts and boxing.

Ken Shamrock marched into Wembley Stadium with the idea of showing the British fans that he still had the skills that made him a legend in the cage and a UFC Hall of Fame inductee.

His opponent was bigger, stronger and younger but, Shamrock had the guile of years of teaching and fighting produced. The only thing that Shamrock could not defeat was age.

Within four minutes, Robert “Buzz” Berry stopped the legend. It happened so quickly and most of the fans hardly had a chance to enjoy the introduction before it was all over.

Shamrock, like all other legends, fall victim to the one thing that all fighters fall victim to — age. Age is the one thing that no fighter can beat and Shamrock felled victim to a fighter’s greatest foe.


Samuel Peter fought for Oleg Maskaev’s WBC heavyweight title and there was plenty at stake. Peter has been sitting close to stardom but true superstardom will only come if he beats Wladimir Klitschko.

Standing in his way of facing the Ukrainian champ was the Russian Maskaev. While he may have been the champion but in reality, most of the boxing world wanted Peter to be the champion. As one pundit noted about Maskaev, he never beaten a top ten fighter not named Rahman.

As for Peter, he has spent the last couple of years prepping for Wladimir. His two fights with Toney were part of the education and Jameel McCline added to that education. McCline nearly derailed Peter with three knockdowns, but Peter survived and even came on strong at the end to win the decision.

Peter pressured Maskaev but in the early rounds, Maskaev’s jab and occasional hook scored and Peter used his own jab to pressure Maskaev. Peter’s sledgehammer punches took their toll and in the sixth round as he finally scored with brutal combination that sent Maskaev reeling across the ring.

The strength of Peter’s punches forced Maskaev in the corner and he was helpless. The referee stopped the fight and Peter’s knockout victory put him back in the heavyweight picture and the most logical fight would be a Klitschko-Peter fight since at this point, they are the two best heavyweights.

But in boxing, logic doesn’t always prevail.

David Haye fought Enzo Maccarinelli for the right to claim who is the best Cruiserweights in the world. Haye combines quick hands and powerful right that often ends fight. With only one loss, Haye viewed this fight as a stepping stone to the heavyweight division.

Not since Evander Holyfield has any Cruiserweight became heavyweight champion. Haye has the skills and power to be a heavyweight champion and he showed that in stopping Maccarinelli.

The big question that has surrounded Haye was his chin. Maccarinelli nailed Haye with a left hook in the first round but it did little to slow Haye down.

Haye’s first big right sent Maccarinelli’s knees shaking and the second right ended the fight. Haye’s quick hands proved decisive against the Welsh opponent. Haye’s power may have ended the fight but it was his hand speed that gave him his edge.

Can Haye become the heavyweight champion? The Cruiserweight division is a deep division with fighters who are talented and skilled. The Peter-Maskaev fight had its own drama but neither fighter matched talent that boxing fans saw routinely just in the past decade when Riddick Bowe, Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis dominated the division.

For that kind of action among big men, the fans have to watch the Cruiserweights. Haye begins his own march toward a heavyweight crown and he has the skills and power to compete but the only real question can he take the power of a Heavyweight?

Tye Fields knocked out another pug when he splattered Roderick Willis in one round. Basically it was Fields who did the hitting and Weeks who played the part of a punching bag. There was very little to say about this fight other than to say that Fields 40-1 record is a result of good matchmaking as oppose to just skill.

Fields has been going through one pug after another but you won’t find a top ten or much less a top 20 heavyweight. He’s not a top 20 heavyweight and the real question what will happen if Fields actually fights a legitimate contender?