Kill Me I’m Dead

Updated: March 26, 2008


Is it OVER maybe FINALLY granted

not that anyone

cares but it is so


never ENDING

saga of Isiah

YES should we say it the End of Isiah Thomas if not the beleaguered Knicks is at hand. Maybe probably. Talk about SLOW death. For Isiah. Painful death for everyone else except maybe James Dolan who died long ago after being born brain DEAD. And rich.

Is there any kind of a lesson to be learned here

probably not but we’ll try to manufacture one

try to make reason out of pure insanity

in a world where money is power

no matter what you do with it

There is one question here if anyone cares not. How much more of the James Dolan Cablevision Loot will Thomas leave with so he does not leave MAD. Probably more than you will ever see in this life. Or the next. As for the scenario that will take place and who will replace him and exactly when. Does anyone care not.

Isn’t it better if we go Deeper.

If it is possible here. This may take some doing. Let’s see what we can do. We could make this a story about the ABSURDITY of the human condition. The fact that Isiah could be such a complete failure as both the Knicks coach and team president while keeping both jobs this long and making tens of millions of dollars for his FAILURES. But then again you probably live the ABSURDITY of life every day and really don’t need another lesson in it from Isiah Thomas. He’ll probably make you pay if you ask.

We’d better search elsewhere for a lesson for today’s Box. We know forget Jimmy Dolan no lesson there. You already know that the SUPER rich can do anything they like make as many mistakes as they want and they still end up with more money than before.

So what how many millions Dolan lost on Thomas plus all his lame brain player “purchases.” Both Dolan and the Knicks franchise value is MORE today than it was four years ago. If Dolan decided to sell the Knicks tomorrow he would make far more than if he had done so in 2003 BEFORE the Isiah Thomas debacle began.

Here is something. A “good” lesson. We can all be thankful in the case of Dolan and the Knicks it didn’t take the Federal Reserve bailing him out with OUR money to keep him rich rich rich after making mistakes that should have cost him his shirt and everything.

So maybe that is the Lesson.

We should hope all those Big Time Investment Bankers who are still rich they and their firms today ONLY because OUR Federal government rescued them with OUR money. We should pray that they all leave the mortgage “security” industry now and go into Sports. Where no matter how many mistakes they make owning teams and hiring staff they will still do just fine get richer no matter what without a Taxpayer Bailout.

So there you go we have

succeeded in manufacturing

a lesson from the Isiah Thomas

mess as tenuous if not specious

as it may be Sports is unlike

investment banking because

in Sports you always make

lots and lots of money with

NO government bail out

required just go ask

Jimmy Dolan or

Isiah Thomas


Don’t worry former investment bankers no bailout for the teams you buy but yes you will get lots of tax breaks and government sponsored new stadium subsidies and a bag full of other goodies from your local government if not the Feds. Then again there are those Congressional ear marks ! And if you buy the Knicks New York exempts Madison Square Garden from paying any income tax on your big profits.

O to be Black and Rich ! Well Black or Rich anyway !!

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