Halfway To Nowhere What’s Going On With Michael Vick Conspiracy?

Updated: March 9, 2008




Michael Vick sits in prison while others go FREE so what’s NEW Vick’s another BLACK man hidi ho ho ho ho It’s interesting. It is always interesting. A new report about the imprisoned round the world once again shows the United States has the highest rate of incarceration of any country on the planet. Surprise surprise surprise. Of over One Million Americans in the Slammer almost 90% of them are Black. For ONE simple reason. African Americans ae given prison time lots of prison time for NON violent crimes White Americans walk FREE.

Now you may say but Michael Vick committed a VIOLENT crime. And we will agree. But let’s get TWO facts straight. A successful WHITE business executive who committed the same crime GUARANTEED would be walking FREE today and beyond the shadow of any doubt he would already be in the drug treatment program Michael Vick so desperately wants to be which would also make him eligible to be transferred to a HALF WAY house.

Now here comes the CONSPIRACY IF Michael Vick were in a HALF WAY house in a treatment program rather than languishing in Leavensworth, Kansas making license plates or computer game consoles or whatever prisoners do today. Mostly waste time. IF Vick were in a HALF WAY house he would be eligible to pursue his NORMAL day job. MEANING he could LEGALLY appeal to the NFL to be re-instated and potentially play in 2008.

now WAIT a minute or an hour or a day You’re going to say. The NFL will NEVER re-instate Vick for the 2008 season and you’ll say NO team will ever sign him for 2008. Well if we did not have answers for those dumb questions we wouldn’t be writing the Box would we !

Where to Begin First of all NO matter how much the animal rights jihadists want to PUNISH Michael Vick for life unless there is no justice or fairness at all left in America the RADICALS will not decide the issue. Michael Vick has been PUNISHED and as stated if he were an important WHITE business leader he would already be walking free and resuming his career.

So let’s STOP ignoring the RACIST component in the lynching of Michael Vick. Animal rights activists “might” rant and rave just as much if Vick were a White executive or let’s say Tom Brady of the Patriots but IF Vick were he would be OUT of jail.

Which brings us to the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell The same Roger GOODell who has swept the Belichick and Patriots cheating SCANDAL under the rug and personally ordered the DESTRUCTION of video tapes that could have led to CRIMINAL charges. So for starters Roger GOODell has NO credibility when it comes to matters of right and wrong any more for as long as he is Commissioner.

The idea of GOODell sitting in negative judgment of Michael Vick is a SHAM Next Point …..

What right does Goodell and the NFL to DENY Michael Vick the very same right any other HALF WAY house resident would be allowed to resume their day job under the supervision of the Courts. WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE IS THAT. Let’s be even more specific. WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE IS THAT TO AFRICAN AMERICANS.

As for the Atlanta Falcons ….

They are a MESS. They don’t have anyone who deserves to be called a STARTING Quarterback for the 2008 season. Ant the FACT is there is no reason to believe Michael Vick has lost hs God Given Talent. In fact Dear Readers Michal Vick’s “brush with football death” may have him come back the Quarterback he was going to be but has not been yet.

In more fact Dear Readers Michael Vick might come back on the Gridiron with fire and maturity and determination to inspire football fans across the Land. And the NEW Michael Vick may become the greatest spokesperson for a REFORMED life that Sports and sincere worth listening to animal activists might ever want.

The Point is ….

IF Michael Vick gets assigned to the HALF WAY house and applies to the NFL and Commissioner Roger GOODell is grudgingly forced to re-instate him JUST AS HE WOULD BE EXPECTED if Vick worked in the NFL office instead of on the Field THEN it is very very likely Arthur Blank and the Falcons will give him a Chance.

So now are you ready for THE CONSPIRACY IF Michael Vick is kept OUT of the drug treatment program he has applied for and is on the waiting list for IF he does not get into the treatment program Vick does NOT get put in a HALF WAY house and IF Vick is NOT in a HALF WAY house he is NOT eligible to seek permission to resume his DAY job under Supervision.

So that IF let’s say for instance the NFL used its tremendous power & influence QUIETLY to URGE the “right people” DELAY Vick’s application INDEFINITELY well then Roger GOODell will NOT have A Michael Vick Problem on his very dirty hands so go right ahead and believe Michael Vick is being treated fairly just as WELL AS Bill Belichick

Roger Goodell