H Is For Hypocrisy

Updated: March 21, 2008


With March MADNESS underway we can’t stand aside and the SWEET sound of cachingcachingcaching filling the NCAA Air With the biggest pay days, weeks and month of the year for the NCAA its member colleges it is impossible for us to spend too much time bringing attention to the destructive HYPOCRISY that rules the NCAA and our institutions of HIGHER learning.

You may ask yourself although you probably don’t why does misery continue to exist in all its forms. After eons of existence and so called human development. It’s simple. You’ve known it all your life. The Secret. It is the law of POWER. Those with POWER can make whatever “laws” they like. And those “laws” always benefit those with POWER.

Are we going too Deep ( don’t we always ) for Sports anyway not really Back to March MADNESS and POWER. Conveniently a story in GOOD Friday’s New York Times having nothing to do with March MADNESS fills our needs quite well to expand upon the abuse of NCAA POWER. The story and the matter of the story have but one seemingly tangential association to March MADNESS this Story also occurs on college campuses and involves STUDENTS. But what a Difference.

What a DIFFERENCE The treatment of these students compared to student ATHLETES. Irony too of course because while these other students are getting some acclaim nothing at all to compare with the acclaim the student ATHLETES who are on the hardwood for the 2008 NCAA Basketball Championships. These students are getting RIOTOUS attention !

While back on campus as detailed byThe New York Times in it’s article Friday ” Storming The Campus ” about four Yale and one Columbia under-graduates glaringly displays the different ways colleges treat students with talents that are not athlete related.

In this cae these 5 college student invented a computer game named “gocrosscampus” in which teams of armies battle for victory in real world places here, there and everywhere. Wherever they want to battle doing it electronically.

Yale and Columbia – it could be any colleges – are delighted by their success. Their success with the game and their success at attracting $$$$ from investors and making MONEY from their game while still STUDENTS.

IN FACT YALE IS PROVIDING THEM FREE OFFICE SPACE and joyous they are using campus facilities, computers, equipment for their young company and encouraging students to gather on campus to play and discuss “gocrosscampus” here there and everywhere.

And were PROFIT making units of the game to develop on every college campus in the country that would make everyone even more joyous most of all the college administrators who could herald the fact SEE YOU CAN GO TO COLLEGE AND MAKE MONEY AT THE SAME TIME right on Campus !! What an exciting idea. EVEN BETTER keep ALL THE LOOT FOR YOURSELF. The college doesn’t want any of it !

YES it’s true for anything you might want to do as a college student to use your talents to better yourself – play guitar for money FINE anything – and even get RICH except IF your talent is playing Sports especially Basketball or Football. DOING IT TO BENEFIT YOUR COLLEGE. You’ve got that right. Benefit THEM !!

Not only are you FORBIDDEN to gain one single penny from your talent. If let’s say the guys with the “gocrosscampus” company gave you a FREE t-shirt WATCH OUT if the NCAA cops hear about it !! You will be reprimanded and told if you have another “violation” (sic) you could be BANNED from playing college Sports!

So round and round and round we go it never ends young WHITE entrepreneurs on campus get RICH and are honored for their skills by grateful colleges and while the BLACK athletes ( yes White ones too ) live in poverty on campus WORK long hours while taking out student loans draining their parents while the Colleges keep ALL the Loot they earn playing Sports for them it’s very very simple simply apply The Law of POWER