Good Friday But For Who?

Updated: March 20, 2008


Is this a Sport Story or

some religious NONSENSE

Black Box what exactly


There is NO difference Dear Readers since Sports are the real RELIGION of the 21st century a whole lot more on most people’s minds then going to church, synagogue, mosque or Buddhist or Hindu temple. So here we are once again.

Yes it is GOOD Friday. Here in America and around the world. The question remains who is it GOOD for. One has to wonder about some early Christian leaders idea to brand the CRUCIFIXION of Jesus Christ as a GOOD Friday. I’m sure if it were their turn to be crucified they would not be referring to it as a GOOD Friday. Anyway …..

We need to get to Sports quickly or this will turn into religious mumbo jumbo. The fact is just as Jesus of Nazareth was nailed to a Cross for no GOOD reason except that someone else had the power to do it and he didn’t have the power to stop them or if he did he did not do so anyway. We live in a SPORTS World in which we watch the less violent “crucifixion” of many of those involved in Sports, by other means.

We report on it day in and day out in the Box. Those with POWER in Sports using their power to keep the rest of us in particular generations of African Americans ” in their place.” Which means away from so many of the benefits which the Sports mega-industry has to dish out ever so rarely goes to Black Americans.

How often have Black Athletes been referred to as “gladiators” comparing them to those in Ancient Rome and elsewhere at the very time of Christ’s Crucifixion and after – gladiators who fought on the floor of the Coliseum for the enjoyment and amusement of the Roman elite plus the riff raff in the cheaper unpadded stone benches high above.

Those gladiators got to fight until they lost meaning were killed by another gladiator. There is only the very rarest example of any gladiators no matter how impressive they were ever being allowed into the Inner Circles of Roman Society even given Roman citizenship.

Here in our less violent age – or is it – what the Romans considered Sport in their day has “evolved” into contests with less overt forms of violence but in reality serving the very same purpose. The enjoyment of the Elites and the amusement of the masses to keep them from going out and wrecking Rome. Pre-occupied with the accomplishments of their favorite Gladiators. For all practical purposes the athletes of Ancient Rome.

So here we are today

GOOD Friday


once again

GOOD Old Days

when men and Gods

were Crucified and

Sports were Cruel to many

just the way it is today

“enjoy” GOOD Friday

watch some Sports

ancient or modern

your Choice