Empty Seats

Updated: March 25, 2008

EMPTY SEATS Yankee stadium 55,000 + SEATS FOR SALE

NO there won’t be very

many EMPTY seats at the

NEW Yankee Stadium but

you will be able to buy

ALL you want from

OLD Yankee Stadium

Indeed both the Yankees and the Mets want to carve up for profit their OLD stadiums this year in their last year of use just as soon as the last game in each ends be that the end of September or October you guess which. There might be a slight delay at OLD Yankee Stadium because of talk of an OUTDOOR NFL game on New Year’s Day2009.

Here is the Deal

Both stadia are owned by the good people of the City of New York. Both teams want Mayor Bloomy and the dumb people of New York Cityto turn over the stadia to the teams so they can do the Carving of the seats, lockers, dugouts, supposedly in the case of Yankee Stadium anyway all the bricks one by one. You can be almost certain a pliant City will do whatever the teams want. You could say because City officials already have what they want a sweet heart deal for City VIP officials at the NEW stadia. Need a ticket ?

The reason all this is Box material

BECAUSE it is another Screw Job for

the African American community

here is why BECAUSE

we dig deep here

NOT like the rest of the Media. We actually know how to connect Dots. Let’s start with MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, Yankees owner Steinbrenner and Mets owner Doubleday. What a Trio. If they operated from any other perspective than stuffing their faces City Fathers (some fathers call them delinquent) would say and these THREE would readily agree WAIT A SECOND let’s use a percentage of this found LOOT to do something about the PLIGHT of African Americans in Baseball. Where better than New York City.

New York City with the LARGEST

African American population in

the entire United States over

2,000,000 African Americans

Over TWO million African Americans does not including Latinos that’s over TWO million AFRICAN Americans. Currently between the New York Yankeesand the New York Metsthey have ONE African American on their 2008 rosters for sure.

The Yankees new middle relief pitcher LaTroy Hawkinsand for the Mets MAYBE utility outfielder Marion Anderson who got a boost when Moises Alouwent on 15 day Disabled list. But keep in mind current 40 man rosters must be just 25 on Opening Day !

Back to the OLD New York stadia

the two of them old and creaky

that’s what we’re told

Some pundits of such things believe or say they believe each of the Yankee stadium seats will fetch $1000 on the open market and the lowly seats from the less glorious Mets Shea Stadium only $500 each. Keep in mind these are not the ORIGINAL Yankee Stadium seats that saw Babe Ruthand Lou Gehrigor even Don Larsenpitch his perfect 1956 World Series game. No no no. These seats have only been there since the 1976 renovations. But the bricks some of them anyway are another matter. They have been there from The Beginning and these Old Stadia Pundits say they are worth $1000 each ???

who cares that is not the Point

Whether the City conducts the auction of everything nailed down or let’s the Yankees and Mets rape the good people of New York Cityand buy the stadia at bargain prices and keep most of the LOOT for themselves in either case both teams with this found hoard of cash this FREE moula can even more afford to construct …..

…… and maintain one if not two Baseball Training Centers to encourage young Black talent and their interest in the Sport of Baseball so we might have 5 or 6 African Americans playing in the MLB in New York Cityonce again some day in the future.

The fact that there will be NO

such offer NO matter how

many millions come from

selling OFF the remnants

of these OLD stadia once

again shows their total lack

of real interest in African

Americans in Baseball

MLB, the Yankees,

the Mets and NYC

Mayor Bloomberg

Foul Ball !!

Baseball Sseat JUST FOR YOU $2000 !