Box And One With Mike Wilks

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: March 23, 2008

SEATTLE — Being unemployed is no fun, I’ve been there before and hated it. Filling out applications, posting your resume on various website and going to interviews hearing the same departing words, “thank you so much for coming, we will call you in a few days.” It really doesn’t matter what your occupation may be, the process is the same for everyone.

Mike Wilks started the 2007-088 season with the Denver Nuggets during the first month of the season. Then he was off for two weeks before being picked up by the Washington Wizards. Mike held a roster spot until the 31st of December and was out of the league all of January and February.

“I missed being away from the game but at the same time I was fortunate to be home and experience the birth of my first child”, Wilks said.I have had the opportunity to spend some quality time with him and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world”.

Parenthood is something that I take very seriously. I had plenty of time to work out on my own and watch games and keep myself prepared for when that call came.”

“February 29th, the Sonics gave me a call and offered me a 10 day contract and I approached the same as if it was a yearly contract. Come everyday and work hard, be prepared to the best of my ability and work on every aspect of my game but most importantly execute the game plan that the coaching staff puts before me and have some fun.”

At times there were some challenges due to the fact that his trainer was in California and finding the best competition in the area often left Mike working out alone.

He claims to be a healthy eater but is married to a southern women that knows her way around the kitchen.

“We do eat a lot of Soul Food in our house but I love various fruits and have a good share of tuna throughout the week so I’m able to keep it balanced out”, said Wilks.

Mike has been around the league and has had some good experience in terms of how to adjust to different teammates and coaching styles. “The situation here with the Sonics is a little different because I’m familiar with Coach Carlesimo and have played with many of the players on the squad now”, said Wilks.

You’ve got to be mentally tough to make it through these trying times but I think Mike says it best. “When you are walking in your purpose and passion in life, it’s easy to do the hard things because it is something that you love to.”

“You know that whatever struggle you may be facing doesn’t compare to the reward at the end of it all. The game of basketball is something that I love and I’ve been extremely fortunate to be a part of this great fraternity for the past six years.”

Mike Wilks hopes to finish the remainder of the season with the Seattle Sonics. I’m not sure where he may be next year but I guarantee you that he will be ready to play.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Prior to Monday’s game against Portland, Seattle signed free agent Eddie Gill to a 10-day contract. To make for Gill, the team cut Mike Wilks.