Box And One With Glen Davis

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: March 12, 2008

SEATTLE — I still haven’t the slightest idea how a grown man, weighing in at 289 pounds and standing 6-foot-9 gets the nickname “Big Baby”. I’m also smart enough to know not to ask, he just may be a little sensitive about this matter which could be trouble for me.

Boston Celtics rookie forward Glen Davis has played a tremendous amount of minutes this season but when he is on the court you better make sure that you now where he is at all times or else he will do damage. “I’m just trying to be consistent every day in every practice and game”, said Davis

For a large Man, he’s got great footwork around the basket and the ability to position himself for the rebound. At this point in his young career, that may be the only way he gets in the scoreboard with all the talent that he surrounded by.

“I am lucky to be with the Boston Celtics, this organization has made my transition into the pros very easy”, Davis said.I’ve been growing as a professional athlete and learning something new every day.”

I suppose that winning makes any experience better and the Celtics have been doing a lot of winning this season. At press time, the Celtics boast a 50-12 season which have many of the old faithful reminiscing on championships gone by.

“There is a certain approach that you have to take to be successful in this league”, said Davis. “You can get to excited about the wins or down about the losses and its best not to get locked into any particular emotion for any particular amount of time.”

“We could win by 30 today and lose by 20 tomorrow; you’ve got to have a mental balance to keep focused on this level of play.”

Conditioning for Glen has been one of his goals throughout the season and being at a comfortable playing weight where he can contribute late in the game and finish strong.

“Talent isn’t enough to play in the NBA, you really have to become a student of the game and learn from every opportunity that comes your way”, said Davis.

His approach to the game is the same every day. He comes to work with a willing attitude, prepared to work hard and does everything that is asked of him by the coaching staff.

“I’m trying to capitalize on the experience of some of the veteran players that are around me each day”, said Davis

He may not have received all the accolades that many of his Rookie class may have received this season but when it’s all said and done, “Big Baby” may be the only with a NBA Championship ring.