Big NCAA Business

Updated: March 19, 2008


Do you own a Money Machine ?

NO well the NCAA< sure does

actually lots of them but none

better than March MADNESS

Our lives our filled with annual rituals. Markers on the calendar that are repeated year after year. Like Easter< or Passover< about now. Here in the Box one of many annual rituals is our Ode to the NCAA Basketball Championships this time of year. Not exactly the kind of ODE the NCAA< media machine churns out Endlessly.

For us it is another annual opportunity to keep reminding you yet again what the NCAA< really is they want you to forget and how it ABUSES student athletes to satisfy their love their CRAVING for more and more money to fill their Coffers.

Today let us expose the NCAA< from yet another angle. The fact they are trying to prove the NCAA< is aiding student athletes by tightening academic eligibility requirements. When all they are really doing is exposing their HYPOCRISY in one more way.

Isn’t it noble of the NCAA<

To tell the world they are getting serious about student LEARNING by making it more difficult for colleges to recruit or keep student athletes on the “pay roll.” Yes we used that term in all its sarcastic splendor since of course NCAA teams don’t have player pay rolls. That’s the “beauty” more sarcasm of the NCAA< system. FREE labor.

Which brings us right to today’s Theme

This year the NCAA Basketball Championship will benefit from its annual take of the $6.1 Billion Dollar broadcast deal the NCAA< made with CBS. Then there are millions and millions more “earned” from ticket and merchandise sales during MARCH Madness.

As you know not one penny will go to

any of the hundreds of college players

whose 65 teams were chosen

YES that is very old news. And that is not the specific point of today’s Box. What is as everyone should now know those so called Basketball Scholarships many of these players receive we don’t have to add BLACK players that is redundant. These so called scholarships for the most part ONLY cover tuition leaving these student athletes with thousands of dollars in uncovered college costs. Then of course there are those student athletes who don’t even get full tuition scholarships and some none at all.

Well Sports Fans

We are left with student athletes who not only must WORRY about all their college expenses in addition to spending endless hours on “their” Sport. While the NCAA< tells the World it is tightening academic standards and has as its goal more college athletes graduating do we really need to add BLACK student athletes.

So here comes the NCAA< HYPOCRISY lesson

The easiest and best thing possible the NCAA< and member colleges could do to improve academic standards is share some of the LOOT with the student athletes freeing them from some of their financial hardships and/or providing them the funds for personal tutoring in various courses and IMPROVING their academic performance.

Like any SLAVES in human history

SLAVERY is not a formula for

educational success it was not

DOWN on the Plantation and

neither in NCAA colleges

END the Slavery PAY


or is it MADNESS