BASN Classic Blackbox: What A Catch Willie Harris Earns His Box

Updated: March 23, 2008

A BASN Classic BlackBox Originally Published: August 11,2007 WHAT A Catch WILLIE HARRIS EARNS HIS BOX


Athletes do all kinds

of things to get themselves

into the Black Box

( some good some bad )

Atlanta Braves‘ Outfielder

Willie Harris found a great way

making the Best Catch of 2007

to the dismay of the NY Mets

but not here in the Box

Let us set the Stage

Bottom of the 9th inning. Shea Stadium. Queens, New York. Braves vs. Mets. Here is how one reporter at the game described what happened. “The Mets scored three runs in the ninth inning, highlighted by David Wright’s two-run home run. But their comeback fell just short. With one out and the Mets trailing by a run, Willie Harris robbed Carlos Delgado of a Homer with a leaping catch in left field..”

And ROBBED is the operative word

that ball was GONE GONE

well over the fence except

for Willie Harris who

is 5 foot 9 inches

and 170 pounds

Yes it is just one game that will be lost in the mists of time for everyone except the Braves left fielder but for the moment it really shook up Willie Randolph and his team. It was a Quintessential Baseball moment. The Mets against their nemesis the Braves who are breathing down their throats as usual. A spectacular 9th inning rally by New York and then Carlos Delgado’s Home Run to tie the game !

Except it wasn’t

This ball wasn’t just barely clearing the left field fence. It was sailing 5-6 or more feet above the fence as it left the field. 99% of MLB Outfielders would have just stood there and watched the Ball. It really was impossible to Catch except Willie Harris leapt higher than any human is supposed to and grabbed that Ball.

it is virtually impossible

Willie Harris will ever

make a finer Catch

And he certainly earned the Box he would not have gotten otherwise. HE EARNED IT ! So who exactly is Willie Harris especially if you are not a dedicated Atlanta Braves fan. First of all he is African American. Reason for Hope.

To begin with Harris was drafted on the 24th Round by the Baltimore Orioles back in 1999. Since then he has bounced around quite a lot. He made it into the Bigs in 2005 with the Chicago White Sox, then on to the Boston Red Sox last season.. Harris saw limited play both those seasons and had mediocre stats..

This season is a different story

with his NEW team Atlanta

Willie has played in virtually every game this season playing left field and center field and in particular Thursday at Shea Stadium left field. He has been as impressive with his Bat as in the Field. His Batting Average is .328 while his production has been somewhat less. 24 RBIs, 42 Runs Scored and 16 Stolen Bases. And if truth be told he did go into an extended slump earlier this season.

The real point is that this 29 year old seems poised to be a full time starting player for years to come. And that is Precious. Because we have to count every African American making a mark in Baseball a Blessing.

Believe it or not Thursday’s game is definitely not the highlight of Harris’ season. Maybe a close second but back on July 21st Willie Harris went 6 for 6 with 6 RBIs and 2 Triples.. Harris became only the 2nd player in Braves history to get 6 hits in a game and a fairly rare feat in the entire history of Baseball on any team.

Here is what Braves manger Bobby Cox had to say in response, “Going 6-for-6 is extremely hard to do,” Cox said. “Way back in the 1800s when baseball began, there may have been six hits in a game [here and there]. But I bet there hasn’t been 10 recently, in the last 50 or 60 years.”

So keep on keeping on

Willie Harris there may be

many more Black Boxes

in your Baseball Future !

Time will Tell it

always does.