$$$ Baseball

Updated: March 15, 2008


Halcyon Days for

Major League Baseball

forget Steroids they have

absolutely NO impact on

Baseball’s popularity

RECORD attendance

predicted for 2008

Baseball SWEET Baseball for Commissioner Bud Selig, 30 MLB owners, the players White and Latino, the fans White and Latino, sorry Bud Selig and the Owners White not Latino with one exception the Los Angeles Angels owner, Latino.

Are we MISSING anyone

YES the BIG Question for African Americans as we approach the 2008 regular season is how many MLB teams will have NO African American players, probably a few. How many will have one or maybe two African American players. A few more. How many MLB teams will have 3 or more African American players among their 28 roster players. Just one. The Milwaukee Brewers. How many MLB teams will have an African American manager. Just ONE. The New York Mets with Manager Willie Randolph whose job is on the Line.

We do not have to leave

New York City to give <

you a very good gauge

of Baseball’s popularity

So much better MLB Headquarters is right here in the heart of Gotham. Also no better in that paradoxically New York City is home to one of the very largest African American populations in the United States and New York City where Baseball’s popularity is even greater than in the rest of the nation where it is also Huge.

Here in New York City

Which BOASTS two of the most successful MLB franchises in the nation and both the Mets and Yankees scheduled to open the two newest and best Baseball Pleasure PALACES anywhere in Baseball for the 2009 season THE ONLY AFRICAN AMERICAN that comes to mind is the ONE Black manager still in MLB Baseball Willie Randolph.

No African American player

makes that Baseball Cut

Both the New York Yankees and New York Mets 2008 regular season rosters probably but not definitely will each “feature” (sic) ONE African American player. In fact on most days of the very loooong 2008 season most days you will NOT see a single African American taking the Field for either New York City team. GUARANTEED !!

The Bronx BOMBERS acquired a Black relief pitcher in the Off Season who will see some action in some games as long as he does not BOMB for the Bombers. Rather contradictory isn’t it ? Anyway that pitcher is the veteran LaTroy Hawkins.

Across Town out in Queens at what is SHEA Stadium for the last time. Next season it will be the NEW CITIpark. Drop dead Bill Shea. Actually he did quite awhile ago. And open the envelope in fact there may be NO African American player the ONE African American who “might” see Opening Day at SHEA but may NOT is Marion Anderson. Who ??

Now can this get anymore

Troubling for African Americans

YESYESYES it sure can

cause the important fact

is NOBODY cares …

And how better to prove it than there is nothing short of a buying FRENZY for Yankees and Mets tickets this season even while both are still in their OLD stadiums. Forget NEXT season. With their ULTRA seductive NEW ball parks you may be lucky if you can buy tickets to stand OUT side and listen to the roar of the Crowd. For $100 ??

Take a look at this Season

at Yankee & Shea stadiums

Want to go to Opening Day. You weren’t able to buy one of those impossible to get $50 – $125 tickets to root root root for the Home Team. You may still be in Luck. If you are lucky enough to be Rich. Reliable source tell us if you RUSH to your computer the Yankees still have a very few $325 Opening Day tickets for sale even if out in Siberia. Want better. StubHub has seats for $1295 each if they haven’t gone up by now. Or Gone.

Want to go to the LAST regular season game that will ever be played in Yankee Stadium against Baltimore if that makes any difference. Regardless where in the Standing the Yankees are ? There are tickets available for $16,199 each. HURRY !

Let’s not forget The New York Mets. Their Opening Game is against Philadelphia on April 8th. You can get field level box seats (not Black Box seats so there is no confusion) for just $2000 each. Look at it this way let’s say you had taken that $4000 for 2 seats and rather had invested in some Bear Stearns stock. Pretty stupid . You get 0.00 !!

YES of course about the Mets FINAL game at Shea LESS famous than Yankee Stadium. YOU ARE IN LUCK. For that September 28th game against the Florida Marlins it will not cost you $16000+. Here ONLY $5000 a ticket for what’s left ! LUCKY you !!

So THANK GOD if you are

African American and may

well NOT be Rich since

there aren’t going to be

AFRICAN American

players in the LineUp

for either Yankees or

Mets you won’t be as


you’re NOT there !

LUCKY you !!