Updated: March 22, 2008

ARISE Black Superman IT’S A BIRD .. IT’S A PLANE .. IT’S ……..

NO it’s Jesus Christ or a version of Him here YES it’s Easter and for those of you who did not go to Church even if you did We have a Parable for you.

In case you lived your life on another planet except Krypton you should know that the SuperMan story is straight out of the Jesus Christ story. You could say they are one and the same. The SuperNatural Being who magically descends from the Heavens brought up by parents who really aren’t his parents. Exhibiting extra-ordinary powers and most of all saving the World from Evil and ARISING again and again!

Yes yes yes it’s also the Barack Obama story today we intend to make it the Black Athlete story in honor of Easter So take a seat in one of the Pews the closer the better. And don’t worry we won’t pass the Plate twice or even once. Make BELIEVE we are your Preacher the Reverend So and So of the African American This or That Church and for our Easter Sermon we come up with the attention grabbing theme of linking the Resurrection of Jesus to the African American saga and the hopes and prayers of Black Americans in Sports ……

Glory Hallelujah The Lord is Risen we can’t hear you GLORY HALLELUJAH When Jesus ROSE from the Dead on Easter Morning first of all have no doubt whatsoever He was and He is a BLACK Jesus. Praise the Lord. Glory Hallelujah. Because only a BLACK Jesus could truly lead us the the Promised Land from where He came.

Glory Hallelujah But our God is a LIVING God. Jesus Christ is BORN again and again and RISES again and again anew. And today right here in 2008 He is BORN. He has DIED on the Cross and He has RISEN from the Tomb again. Glory Hallelujah. And today my children Jesus might well appear to us as an African American athlete, or an African American coach. Probably not as an African American team owner. Even more likely ..

TODAY Jesus is speaking on the Glorious Day of his RESURRECTION to ALL of us about SPORTS and African Americans. He is LEADING us to a PROMISED Land in which African Americans FINALLY are treated as the equals we are in EVERY aspect of Sports even as that equality is denied us.

Jesus with those wounds still fresh in His Hands and His Feet is exhorting us forward in Sports as He is Barack Obama in his bid for the President. GLORY HALLELUJAH. Because He DIED again in our time on GOOD Friday for our needs NOT for our sins here in 2008 not as much a for the sins of OTHERS who OPPRESS …..

…….. our aspirations as CHILDREN OF GOD. We know but obviously many folk in America do NOT know God does not have just White Children or just Black Children He has ALL of us as HIs Children and He expects us to live and share as Brothers and Sisters as HIS Children.

Since it is Sports which is our message of Easter here in our church the First African American Church of the Black Box we are looking at God’s Message of SALVATION through one lenses in particular SPORTS here in America. And when it comes to Sports Jesus was NOT Born, Jesus did NOT Die, Jesus did NOT RAISE HIMSELF FROM THE DEAD so that His AFRICAN American children will be DENIED the same benefits and the same range of opportunity in Sports as His White Children are. Even worse His White Children denying those opportunities to His Black Children.

My Dearest Congregation as I have the privilege of preaching to you today on Easter morning from this pulpit with our wonderful choir right beside me and the Empty Cross that Jesus has been liberated from behind and above us and with flowers bursting with Color and filling the Church I will tell you holding this Bible which tells us the TRUTH …..

…….. of Jesus Christ He does not want to walk on to college campuses across America and see His Children His Black Children taken advantage of in Sports by GREEDY college administrators and He does NOT want to see his Black Children absent from the vast majority of Sports that are played on America’s college campuses.

Children of God I will tell you without any FEAR of contradiction that this summer Jesus will NOT walk into the Olympics in Beijing while a brutal Chinese dictatorship brutalizes and oppresses its own people. But if Jesus had He would NOT come to see his Black American children only competing in some of those Olympic Sports.

Children of the RISEN Lord let me not keep you too long on this Easter morn with a lengthy litany of how Our RESURRECTED Jesus is NOT born, dies and is then Resurrected again and again and again ONLY to witness in Sport after Sport after more than 2000 years of His Mission here on Earth He does NOT want to see His Black Children treated UNEQUALLY in ALL the many Sports collegiate, Olympic, professional and in the multi multi BILLION dollar Sports industry and here is His REAL Message for us on Easter morning …

Just as He ROSE from the Dead just as He did it Himself called upon His God Given Powers Jesus is telling us today here on Easter morning in 2008 WE must use our own God Given POWERS to break the barriers keeping us entombed away from ALL the opportunities that Sports present to His White Children GLORY Hallelujah He is telling us it is Our Turn if we Believe in His RESURRECTION from the Dead and the Promised Land where He is leading us that is Ours if we will only make it so Praise the Lord on Easter morn GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH

Empty Tomb IT’S OPEN …..