Why It Matters

Updated: February 22, 2008


Marx Brothers


Let’s be more specific WHY it should matter to African Americans SPYGATE And the specific reason for another Box on the subject is that more details and NEW allegations about the breath and scope of Bill Belichick’s systematic let’s say that again SYSTEMATIC and continuous spying on opposing NFL teams since all the way back to 2000. And a little more perspective we are discussing THE NFL TEAM WITH THE BEST RECORD IN THE LEAGUE SINCE 2000. Let’s connect the Dots.

The African American dots We need a STRATEGY if the ever dismal condition of African Americans in coaching is going to change. And it is not going to change by any “normal” means. The NFL, its Commissioner and 32 owners have made that more than abundantly CLEAR by their complete lack of interest in the subject.

PLEASE do not ever mention the BullShit Rooney Rule here. You know how we feel about it. We don’t want to get Violent. So don’t talk about it here. Not in the Black Box unless you are here to pummel it. Spit on it. Mock it. Kick it in the shins and throw it off the cliff. It is worse than Worthless.

Do yourself a favor and ignore any Idiot did we say IDIOT who actually takes the Rooney Rule seriously. OR GOD FORBID suggests that other leagues have their own Rooney Rule. Excuse us again unless you are the NFL, its Commissioner and 32 owners who takes it “seriously” because works (sic) so well in allowing them to avoid the Problem.

Back to Con Man Bill Belichick The so called NFL Competition Committee – this is straight out of a Marx Brothers comedy – a collection of Self Glorified Owners and their representatives who present themselves as the NFL Oracles and make regular pronouncements on subject important to the NFL. Of course this august (sic) body has decided to rule on Spygate.

And guess what they decided we’ll let them speak for themselves read their lips if you like or their hips if you prefer as they run away from The Problem Here is a winner ( as in SuperBowl and other ways ) New Jersey Giants co owner John Mara quote ” I’d like to think that maybe there are other, more important things to worry about in the world these days.” They did not hear you in back a little LOUDER please John. ” I’d like to think that maybe there are other, more important things to worry about in the world these days.”

We know such as counting all the Loot NFL teams make year after year. Here is Falcons’ president Rich McKay. Brief and to the NFL point ” It’s yesterday’s news.” Now you know why he’s president of the Falcons and not the locker room attendant.

How about Colts president Bill Polian, ” I think it’s fair to say we [as a committee] were satisfied with the explanation, satisfied with what was done. It’s behind us. It’s time to move forward.” We’d give you more but then the Box would start SMELLING like Bull Shit and you’d have to hold your nose. Which is unpleasant.

OK Black Box now that you’ve ranted and raved again what about Strategy The strategy is SIMPLE. Do not let them get away with it. Burying SpyGate. Let’s show the resolve of the WaterGate prosecutors. The Big Wigs want to bury SpyGate quickly because of course they’ve got lots to hide. Don’t let them. Convince yourself this is the most egregious scandal in the entire history of the NFL. BECAUSE it is !

And the scandal is not only Belichick’s continuous spying to give the Patriots an ILLEGAL advantage it is how the League has ignored it and how Commissioner Goodell DESTROYED all the video tape to protect the NFL from the Scandal.

Back to Strategy sophisticated Strategy ONLY if SpyGate blows up in their faces will the NFL be forced to make some major CHANGES to protect their Gold Mine. In how they do business. They will look for face saving gestures that will take attention away from their mis-deeds. What better than an Independent Panel that will review ALL aspects of Coaching in the NFL. That SpyGate is an example of a far deeper malaise that has infested the NFL. If so ….

This INDEPENDENT Panel might very well look into INEQUALITY in the coaching ranks as creating a foundation for corrupt practices because the head coaches are so much alike it breeds contempt for due process and the fact that many of them are chosen not only for their supposed skills but because they are “insiders.” Read WHITE.

Therefore ..

A far ranging Independent Panel might well decide there is no logic or fairness to the selection of head coaches and use the racial inequality to prove their point. And among their important recommendations DEMAND that the NFL develop a new and valid process for choosing head coaches.

That at the very least the NFL will empower a permanent independent committee that will issue a report to the public after each new NFL head coach is chosen in which they offer their own evaluation if the best candidate was chosen and in particular if it appears one or more African Americans were not FAIRLY considered.

Sports Fans of all ages that would be infinitely better than the so called Rooney Rule in which all an NFL team has to do is conduct a phony interview with one African American before picking the White Guy. And there is NO evaluation of that Choice.

Instead how about an INDEPENDENT panel with no power to interfere with the selection process but that can issue regular reports to the public critiquing teams for the head coaching choice they did make and why it was UNFAIR to African Americans. That will embarrass teams and undermine their credibility and give potential African American head coaches ammunition to bring action against the NFL and teams.

WHAT you say the NFL never in a million years would they appoint such a committee. You are right genius they never will unless they are FORCED to because SpyGate becomes such a scandal that they have no choice but to do something ANYTHING to try and prove coaching in the NFL is truly a “noble” profession.

Scoff at the notion all you want problem is you don’t have better solutions or any at all so go right ahead and let the NFL BURY Spygate nothing will ever change