The End At Just 28

Updated: February 15, 2008


Byron Leftwich


You probably wish you were born in 1980 (if not later) but not if you had to be Byron Leftwich in order to be just 28 This isn’t really about Byron Leftwich except it is. He is a real living breathing 28 year old. But for us he provides a moral certainly a thoughtful Box. One value in Sports maybe the major appeal of Sports whether it is buried deep in your sub-conscious or not. Is living our lives through athletes. Hey isn’t it actors and films and plays that allow us to transfer our emotions our lives outside ourselves. Well athletes are actors every bit as much at this level. And Sports no different than other dramas on the Stage.

What we sometimes forget is that it not only the “uplifting” aspects of Sports and athletes triumphants which are the stuff of our imagination. Their failures and their endings are every bit as much if not more. Watching the “life and then death” of athletes in their Sport generation after generation of star athletes who rise and fall before our eyes in the course of any one fans own lifetime.

Which sets the stage for Byron Leftwich After unexpected being CUT by the Jaguars at the start of the 2007 season unceremoniously losing his prestigious Starting Quarterback role he was at least able to sign with the Vick-less Atlanta Falcons.

That proved a new disaster for the injury prone and not highly rated Leftwich and the Falcons just now announced that they have CUT – like slashing his very soul – Byron from the team. Now if this were not Sports. Let’s say “business” losing a job or two at 28 is considered a learning experience and gaining strength for the next challenge.

At 28 you are still a “kid” from the wannabe perspective of those older especially much older like 40 or God forbid 45 ! But a kid in the Real World can and often is a Has Been and never will be again is Sports. Enter Byron Leftwich. It is very very likely he will not get another chance as much as he will be on the phone to every team in the NFL simply begging for a try-out. There aren’t likely to be any for him. And his chances of being a Star QB a Starting Quarterback again are comparable to yours. As OLD as you are.

If you want the details of Leftwich bio let us send you to wikipedia again The Reality is for 28 year old Bryan Leftwich is not to chase shadows as much as the roar of the crowd is addictive – but to leverage his Celebrity if not his QB skills and go into business as a 28 year old college graduate with experience in the NFL and a notable college career at Marshall. Leftwich can leverage all that either starting his own business or more safely finding corporations that like to hire Sports Celebrities.

The point is he like any 28 year old with “credentials” is looking at a fabulous future as long as 1) he has not developed a dependency on football that turns him into a pathetic figure chasing a non-existent dream of glory, and 2) he is adaptable.

Now having said that having been so thoughtful displaying such useful insights here comes the Real World Leftwich may well catch a break with some desperate team and get even luckier their Starting QB goes down he then surprises everyone and by this time next year he’s a Big Deal again and we’re praising his QB SUCCESS just don’t count on it Byron

Byron Leftwich