The Education Of Terrelle Pryor

Updated: February 7, 2008


Terrelle Pryor


WARNING Pryor now while you are still in high school before you choose one of the many many colleges pursuing you as the #1 rated football prospect in the nation THINK long and hard about what kind of Quarterback you REALLY want to be in college and in the NFL LEARN from our mistakes here in the Box. 4 and 5 years ago and even sooner we were endless proponents of the REVOLUTION about to take place in the NFL based on the mobile African American Running Quarterback overwhelming the traditional pocket Quarterback. And taking over the game of Football.

We were WRONG very WRONG YES it seems so logical that a Quarterback who is as much a threat to run the ball as pass it will always be superior give his team a Big Advantage. YES it is certainly true in high school, mostly true in College Football but the concept falls apart in the NFL.

Because in the NFL 1) the stakes are so high, and most of all leads to 2) only the best of the best make it to the NFL AND THAT INCLUDES DEFENSIVE LINEMEN AND TACKLES. No College Quarterback has any real idea of the kind of punishment they will endure in the NFL when they run the Ball. Again and again.

And it is worse than that The fact is though no one ever admits it – of course not – hitting a Starting Quarterback so hard that you injure him and force him from the game is the most “impressive” (sic) play a defenseman can make for his team. The point is given the opportunity which they only have when a Quarterback “plays running back” he gets hit more savagely than another offensive player being tackled will be.

So there is no doubt the unacceptable price a true running Quarterback in the NFL pays A) they are far more prone to serious injury than any other player on the field, and B) even if avoiding such injuries the pounding both effects the quality of their passing game, and C) appreciably shortens their careers because of the wear on their bodies and because that level of play quickly diminishes with age, and D) many teams still will just not favor drafting a running Quarterback for all these reasons. It’s not worth the risk.

WHAT IS THE POINT BLACK BOX Terrelle Pryor listen up as potentially BEST Quarterback of the generation Choose a leading Division 1 college that guarantees they will allow you to concentrate on your passing game and that they only want you to run in very particular kinds of game situations not simply to gain yards at the expense of your body. BECAUSE even if your bionic like young body can handle the punishment without a care YOU WILL STILL SUFFER in not developing your passing game to the Max.

YES running as well as you pass might make you a better NFL prospect to some teams but certainly not all even make you the #1 Draft Choice 5 year from now don’t be seduced Pick Peyton Manning or Eli Manning now or most of the other “traditional” White Quarterbacks who are all very highly paid and the best have very long NFL careers while rarely running the Football and if they suffer serious injuries it will be bad luck …

……. not the likely result of running the Ball a dozen or more times a game. YES it would be Wonderful if Mobile Running Quarterbacks meaning BLACK Quarterbacks for the most part could take over the NFL. And YES the mobile running Quarterback is the most exciting player on the field by far. And YES African American Quarterbacks have a big advantage in that Category. And YES if an African American who wants to Quarterback can ONLY get attention by being a running QB fine but as far as Running Quarterbacks taking over the NFL and revolutionizing NFL Football that would be nice….

Except it isn’t going to happen the way to Greatness for an extra-ordinary talent like Terrelle Pryor is to be the BEST passing QB who is better at running the Ball when necessary than any other Quarterback but don’t be seduced by Michael Vick or Donovan McNabb or Vince Young it’s not worth it the risks are far too high

Terrelle Pryor