Texas Tycoons Are Off To Singapore To Meet Olympians

By Off the BASN Wire
Updated: February 24, 2008
Indianapolis, IN. The ABA Texas Tycoons will meet the second ranked Beijing Aoshen Olympians next weekend in Singapore in a contest between two of the ABA’s strongest teams. “We are looking forward to the trip and the challenge,” stated Mike Senters, Tycoons General Manager. “There’s no doubt that Beijing is very strong with a lineup that includes two players from the Chinese National Team that will compete in Beijing in the Olympics. And they have a couple of terrific American players on team also. They have done a great job against the best we’ve sent over, no doubt. We’d like to come back with a victory or two.”
The ABA also announced that Tom Chichester, ABA VP of Officials, will be returning to Singapore to continue is training of officials as well as meeting with SE Asian businesspeople interested in additional expansion in the area.

“Our goal is to have one or more additional teams there next season so that when we send the teams abroad, they’ll have a longer stay with more games. It looks very possible,” said Chicester.

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