Temara Does It Again

By Kevin Wilson
Updated: February 13, 2008
MARYLAND — The 22nd Annual Prince George’s County High School Championship Swim meet at the Sports and Learning Complex in Landover was something to behold.

Especially with a 2A school becoming runner up champs behind Frederick Douglas, with only four girls, which included, senior sensation, Temara Jordan of Fairmont Heights High, who also defended her two titles in superb fashion.

Before Jordan’s first race in the 100 yard freestyle, she positioned herself on the wall away from the platform, patiently waiting to compete.
Displaying a non-emotional posture, and wearing her gray and burgundy swim suit for the final time, she approached the Olympic size pool in lane four.

A couple of supporters hollered, “Go, Temara, Go!!!!” And, she did just that.

Temara’s take off form pushed her in the lead, as if the water is saying, dive in, we’ll guide you to victory. Coming off the turn, and down the stretch, you could hear her oldest sister, LaTisha utter, “Go, pick it up”, as the Hornets three-time MVP, held a comfortable lead to record a time of 56.95 for the victory.

Mercedes Maynard, a junior at Eleanor Roosevelt and Temara are friends. However, friendship was placed on ice for the moment. Maynard placed second registering 59.58.

“I was focused on Temara, but most importantly, I was concentrating on breaking a minute for a personal best. I’m self motivated, but Temara is that extra piece to motivate me more, ” says the transfer from Elizabeth Seton.

Following the 100 freestyle event, the Hornets head coach Paul Sweet, smiled and said, ” Temara hasn’t been challenged this year, that’s not her best time, and in our division, it’s not enough good competition.”

In the 100-yard backstroke, Temara claimed an early lead coming from a strong push off. The humble competitor maintained the lead off her turn, as she touched the finish line at 1:03.7, beating sophomore Caitlin Raynor of Laurel High.(1:06.3)
Prior to the backstroke, Raynor and another opponent had a concise meeting. “I am going to get Temara today” she told the other foe, gleefully.

Unfortunately, Raynor will have to see Temara on the collegiate level to accomplish her goal. “Temara’s an amazing swimmer, it would be nice to swim again against a top swimmer, but since she’s in the 2A, they’ll swim in the regionals somewhere else, ” says the second team All County-Prince George’s Gazette.

Many spectators say, including Tom Devlin, a customer service representative, at the Sports and Learning Complex, who took a duty break to observe Jordan’s performance.

“When Temara dives in, she hit’s the water like a shark She simply spectacular”, he said. Defending her freestyle and backstroke titles for the first time, Temara is excited, and she confessed that she could’ve swam faster.

The honor roll pupil is fully aware that the competition will get tougher the next couple of weeks. Thus far, the Hornets trailblazer to be, has set all dual records in the 100 freestyle, and still has an unblemished record heading into the central regional meet this week at the Fairland Sports and Aquatics Complex in Laurel, Maryland.
Jordan, Danielle Jackson, Rokhaya Sane and Rugayyah Webb did the unthinkable, becoming the 2008 Prince George’s County 1A-2A-3A runner up champs behind Frederick Douglas, who had 14 girls.

Before leaving, Coach Sweet stopped by the front desk counter at the Sports and Learning Complex, to proudly expose his girl’s plaque and ribbons to the venue employees. “Not bad for four girls competing against teams that had 14 and 12 girls,” he stated.
Douglas Sutherland, the Prince George’s County high school swimming coordinator hates to see her go. This senior citizens, who shows a hospitable attitude, has seen countless talented swimmers, in the county and throughout the State of Maryland.

“It’s nice to see a 2A swimmer compete successfully against 4A opponents, she’s a determine young lady, and I’m very impressed. You like to see the seniors stay, but you have to see them move on,” Sutherland said.
Temara will be moving forward looking at the big picture — a state title — to add to her memoirs. The first swimmer to acquire a college scholarship from Fairmont Heights High, will be remembered for a lifetime.