Straight No Chaser: The Patriots’ Fall

By Desi Cortez
Updated: February 9, 2008

DENVER — Might it be as cut and dry as just that? Could it be this Romper Room level Golden Rule was simply enforced by the gridiron gods? Or, maybe the Giants upset of the Patriots was perhaps it was merely the ice cold Vulcan odd’s playing out, the law of averages maybe?

For whatever the reasons, Bill Belichick was not the daddy of Destiny’s children. This leaves Brady’s Bunch, the entire team…illegitimated offspring, their inevitable fate, not so inevitable .

Their undefeated season, the records eclipsed…. all of it, may have been enhanced, aided. All of it…. may not be legit. Brady’s Bastards, that may be a-little more a apropos.

And what looms large in the shadows; history will forever view this dynasty as little more than a collection of men, who’s individual and collective feats – will forever be second, and third guessed….

No different than Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Pete Rose, the other Icons’ of the games we play. Nevertheless, in the long run, these men cheated at marbles. They cheated while pursuing mythical championships and make-believe immortality, which at the end of the game, and the day, don’t really mean a damn thing. But what seems to ring thru, these men, from assorted walks-of-life, will, apparently do anything, and I mean anything, to win.

So, let’s not knowingly deceive ourselves, this win-at-all-cost attitude runs rampant throughout American society. Meaning, before we castrate these dumb-ass jocks, let’s look over at the pencil heads and nerds who gravitate towards the boardroom.

They’re the real players, ballers and hustlers – who openly coop governments, and use it for their personal benefit. We shouldn’t lose site of the plain fact – sports are not the only cesspool of civilization.

Wall Street and Washington D.C. serve as the natural springs of selfishness and arrogance. The NBA, NFL nor MLB can’t compare, the sportsmen indulgences pale in comparison to what depths the FBI, CIA, and GOP, FedEx, EXXON, IBM….the true major leagues go to.

It only seems to be Vulcan logic; if politicians and corporatist businessmen can come together, create a phony war-on-terror, manipulate the housing and banking markets for their individual gains, facilitate the increase of petrol to $3.50 gallon, to where Wal-Mart can justify almost five bucks for a gallon of milk… then surely men in the business of Professional, i.e. for-profit football, could like-wise come together as coaches, maybe even key players – and distribute illegally begotten information and knowledge of their opposition’s tendencies and inclinations, in an effort to…. profit. All with the silent nod-of-approval form the president/owner of the team, who is after all – a business men, from the business world.

Additionally, according to a few, who knew, these cheaters stole game-plans…

If the New England Patriots had access to tapes of the St Louis Rams last pre-game walk thru practice, their blueprint for victory in Super Bowl XXXVI – is tarnished.

If their victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl three years ago – is tainted, and it all happened with the Grand Poo-Bah turning a death ear and a blind eye to it…. there goes not solely the honor and dignity of two men, Tagliabue and Goodell, who, honestly, have been little more than mouth-pieces for this cartel of NFL barons – but there goes the credibility and integrity of the league.

Can you say mendacity?

Consider this, the burning question today, a week after the Super-Duper Bowl: Not anything about The Gaped Tooth One, or Manning, no, its “Why Did Goodell destroy the evidence?” His rhyme and reason makes no sense “There was no purpose for them” he’s said, and “Our discipline sent a loud message”.

Who’s this cat kidding? I’m sorry, but that sounds like the draft-dodging chicken-hawks in the White House, this president and his flunkeys – who’ve done the same with an assorted list of items and documentation highlighting this administrations indiscretions. Acts which would have incriminated this White House – in a number of illegal, immoral, illicit, and hell, just a lot of ill crap.

If Senator Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) is able to peal this funky onion, we’ll all be talking about the Patriots, who behind closed locker room doors practiced to the point of almost perfecting betrayal, and with that comes the deception of the league, the fans, and more importantly – the game.

If this turns out to be true, and these Patriots turn out to be practicing deceit and deception – of the Benedict Arnold fashion – I say lynch the cheaters, in a dark ally

OK, OK, if that’s not doable, workable, let’s go for impeachment, which in the business-world translates into firing individuals, terminating contracts. Folks well-aware of the cheating, yet, stayed mute about the indiscretions, played along, as to benefit.

If we’re talking owning-up to one’s actions, responsibility, accountability, all those John Wayne characteristics Americans claim we all live by and aspire to…. than Brady, Rodney Harrison, the line-backing crew, the O-line, Seymour, all these gladiators should step forward, before this become messy, and accept their earned lifetime branding and banishing from the NFL…..starting with Coach Belichick …

I see a great deal of effort put forth to corral and micro-manage the players, but I see no self -policing of the arrogance and greed emanating from the owners and coaches. It’s as if they were pigskin nobility.

This brushing under the carpet of the top-cat’s cheating, minimizing it, slighting it, seems to resemble how we-ve all seen the landlords, the haves’ – get fatter, by twisting capitalism into trickle-down Voo-Doo economics, where the land-less, the have-nots, the worker ants – are pimped and exploited for their last dollar.

I’m not exaggerating, just give it a thought; an aspirin, a Bayer Aspirin , cost a C-note if you’re in a hospital, on your death bed. What for? For who’s benefit? Who prospers from that little transaction?

Politicians, because of their excessive urge to possess more, and more , in the name of greed have prostituted themselves for the medical and financial industries, just to name a couple.

On the flip side, apparently a franchise, because of their excessive urge to possess more, and more, in the name of greed have prostituted themselves for all that glitters.

I’d argue, we all witnessed this type of ostentatious mind at work last week – as Lord Belichick, when in the third quarter, leading 7-3, went for it on third and 13, understand that, third and not 3, not 7, no 13.

I understood, that to be… the height, the essence of pomposity and greed. It made me ponder to what lengths this mastermind, with a little man’s chip-on-his-shoulder, might go to win?

Would he cheat to win? My Spider-sense say’s – Yes. But now note, I think “they” killed JFK, MLK, RFK, Mr. X, I wonder about 9/11, UFO’s…. there are more people, especially with power, who don’t plan, they plot, and there’s a difference.

Would his staff, his team – do likewise? It sure-as-hell seems possible in today’s world – where there are bad cops, and teachers, doctors, mortgage loan officers…

How else could you implement changes to the game plan hours before a game, without coordinators, players understanding this info was hot-off-the-press, and took precedent over the strategy already laid down? Please, don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining. The everyday fan is sharper than a bowling ball….

All hail the Galloping Ghost and his immortal team; Fritz Pollard, Bronco Nagerski, Sam Mills, Johnny U., Buck Buchanan, Brian Piccolo and Walter Payton, Vince Lombardi, I think they ensured…. cheaters never win, and winners, never cheat.