Straight No Chaser: Sportswriters & House Flies

By Desi Cortez
Updated: February 22, 2008

DENVER — The overwhelming majority of the sportsworld and the common house-fly have one thing in common — they’re both full of …..

Forgive me for being blunt, not bunting, but the Roger Clemens’s affair — it’s begging to stink-up the joint. Jock-sniffing fans and journalist as well as the President — displaying their man-love for Roger.

This is not pretty. Clemens, a friend of the President, is already a candidate for a royal pardon by little Lord Flat-Bush, according to some of the lawyers in this case.

Outside of sports-hero worship, what we’ve here is the inability to fess-up; so much of their blind admiration for Clemens is rooted in the whole Great White Hope fallacy.

The reluctance, the hesitation by the sports world to do the right thing and crucify this con man — hammers home the duality and duplicity that Blacks bitch, moan, groan and complain about all the time — there’s different strokes for different folks. Different standards. Different definitions of honor and dignity.

Please, tell me if my spider-senses are fading, but I perceive sports-media, wants to believe Roger the-artful-dodger. The fans want to keep his life-size fathead likeness up in their son’s room.

I believe it’s called empathizing. And, because this airing of dirty laundry is akin to court marshaling John Wayne or Harrison Ford in the eyes of many. So much so, the White House was twisting arms — in private.

Now on the black-hand side, I submit that want is lacking, absent even, when it comes to Barry Bonds. People, at least certain folks wanted Bonds to be guilty of cheating, because they didn’t like the man, and what he has come to be symbolic of. Now, they’ll only admit it in certain quarters, but his personality personifies the term “uppity nigger.”

But back to the uncontrollable man-love the sports establishment has for Clemens.

The world RC hails from needs to be under the endless examination and constant scrutiny Black culture endures. Yes, mom, and apple pie, Coke, Ford and blonds — question it all.

The Heartland should have to come-to-grips with the fact; one of them, one of the best of them, an aging, (with not so amazing grace anymore) Captain America would lye, cheat and steal ….for all that glitters.

Not for god, but for gold. Not for family nor country, but for fame and fortune.

Let me drive that point home; Mainstream White America, that mythical holy-land which shaped and molded RC – has a problem with morals and values, or lack of. Suburbia and Wall Street, gated communities and country clubs, farms and trailer parks — apparently are places where people will put their mother on the corner, if…. the profit margin is right.

Apparently, from the club house to the White House, that “speaking with a forked tongue” – is a hard addiction to kick.

Bob Costas, Dan Patrick, and their cohorts, all long for the good ol’ days, when American sports were void of off-the-field scandals, drugs, strippers and guns. I suggest those days of Walt Disney innocence, a story book sinless purity — it never really existed. The ills and woes of society were, even back then, evident within sports.

But, partially because reporters covered a segregated sports-world, there was a the feel and flavor of a fraternity, kinship, a brotherhood and sameness which produced a ass-kissing relationship between players and the sports press. The press went along with the company line, performed damage control, produced propaganda in order to maintain the little white lie.

Can you say male cheerleader?

Today its called preferential treatment. Guys like RC and Big Mac are receiving it right now. In all honesty, this illustrates, in graphic Black and White — color, class and gender remain prime factors — which weigh heavy in the tilted and bias minds of Caucasian journalist and broadcasters.

Just as there’s no argument the isms’ play a significant role in the minds of many a butcher, baker, and computer-chip maker. These preferences are embedded in the human psyche – and let’s not slight history — White America has woven apartheid not just into individuals, but the institutions and organizations they comprise… Even sports.

When people talk about this nation not being ready for a Black President, a Latino brother-in-law, a female boss, a non-White male anything, especially a position of authority or high visibility – who’s not ready?

White folks arent ready. Specifically white males. If we’re waiting for these guys to be ready, hell, we’d be waiting till pigs fly… The Major sports in America would still be segregated, as would the drinking fountains, schools, cafes, etc.

I dare ESPN, FOX Sports, or SI to delve into this voo-doo chile. How many white fans would like to remove men of color from America’s pastimes? I’d bet at least a quarter, maybe a third of this nation would like to return the games to yesteryear, the good ol’ day. I know, I know, nobody wants to talk about that.

No, everybody wants to open this up for debate – but White folks.

If Bonds — have more than a few folks tell it, encompasses all the negative characteristics attributed to the Black athlete; arrogant, pompous, and immature — reflective of his home, neighborhood, school.

If this be the case, what do guys like RC, McGwire, NFL Coach Bill Belicheck and Bill Romanawski, what are they too the summation of?

Whose culture, whose wholesome All-American way-of-life is painted and tainted by these con-artist actions? What segment of mainstream society will bare the burden, the stereotyping every other group has to endure?

If Mike Vick, in the eyes of the sports press, reflects rough and tough ghetto life — barbaric and Conan like– and his form of entertainment is ….identical to Genghis Khans.’ Michael Irving, Ricky Williams, Chris Henry, TO and Moss, these players are held up as the embodiment of the modern era Black gladiator.

Is RC also a reflection of his father, his coaches, his buddies, his schools, church, neighborhood, town? Can it be he reflects America, and specifically white males? Can we agree Roger’s morals, values, ethics and standards reflect his peer group?

If we all concur, when will white sports writers tell this truth?

I hope the by-product of RC and the other Euro-American players who smeared rhino sperm on their tongues, this air of moral superiority becomes recognized as a lie.

Men like Roger Clemens and President Bush, their “Just win baby win” company line – does nothing but bring that point home. George W is RC’s boy — they evidently think alike.

The dynamic duo were just out killing animals together, and RC said at the Congressional hearings last week Bush “expressed his concerns, that this was unbelievable and to stay strong and hold your head up high.” Any endorsement, any pat-on-the-butt by this butt-head, says way too-much.

Where’s PETA when you need them?

Here’s a cat, not the sharpest knife in the Bush kitchen drawer, an Ivy League legacy kid, as I alluded to earlier — male Pom-Pom guy at Yale — do with it what you like.

A AWOL draft-dodger, and a failed business owner. A former two-tier addict, who, by anyone’s measure, stole Presidential elections, and ultimately stole the White House.

Ol’Blood and Guts Bush, our kids blood, his so-called guts.

This is the guy, and his GOP team… in Roger Clemens corner. Make note, aristocratic chicken-hawks who’re trading Americans lives, exchanging young kids like Gomer, Goober, Gilligan and the Eurkle types, innocent and naive peasants, the children of the Republican Party base – and these bastards are trading their blood, for Black Gold, Texas Tea.

Ain’t that a bitch…. This is real life, not The Natural or Field of Dreams.