Spygate It’s Time For Goodell To Go

Updated: February 14, 2008


Richard Nixon


Let us take you back to another Commissioner called President in his case and another much earlier Gate indeed the original Gate the famous Watergate DESTROYING those other Tapes REMEMBER how that ended. REMEMBER how at first it was seen as a minor indiscretion. Well go ahead and tell yourself Tricky Roger DESTROYING very incriminating tapes going all the way back to 2000 is no big deal.

We may have a very FLAWED system …..

correction we do have a very FLAWED system Still the Powerful who are often also stupid and their Power protects them most of the time sometimes make Fatal Mistakes. Roger Goodell’s problem with destroying all the SpyGate New England Patriot video tapes is based on three components, 1) the quickness with which they were destroyed, 2) the circumstances under which they were destroyed, and yes most of all 3) Goodell’s STUPIDITY in taking responsibility for destroying them instead of blaming some patsy for making an unfortunate (sic) mistake destroying them.

Roger Goodell always struck us an an Idiot The quote unquote tall good looking mindless front man for his real bosses the 32 NFL owner. An Air Head who they can easily control but who they have the power to get the brain dead media to proclaim as the world’s gift to the football gods.

Now Senator Arlen Specter ( what kind of a name is Arlen ) may not be a Genius and he is A George Bush Republican But all these U.S. Senators know how to smell cameras and media attention and this just could be Specter’s finest hour in front of those cameras his Academy Award role so he might actually out do himself and not bend to the pressure from the NFL and their cohorts and bought and paid politicians to LEAVE POOR ROGER ALONE.

But Goodell did not break any laws who cares if he did or not it’s not the issue If Goodell loses his “moral authority” let’s rephrase that his appearance of moral authority. That he comes across as unprincipled the NFL meaning the owners will quickly cut their losses as unprincipled as they are not wanting the dogs of Truth to get too close to them. Sacrificing Young Roger Goodell having him make a tearful apology and slink off with a multi-million dollar very early “retirement” package after only a year or so on the job is more than well worth the cost to take the heat off.

We are thrilled by the idea even if nothing comes of it The search for the NEXT Commissioner. Of course it will NEVER be an African American but the new search will point out once again the reality of NFL management and that African Americans need NOT apply for Commissioner.

Let’s get one thing straight here. There was an important reason all those tapes were destroyed since it would have been so very logical and sensible to keep them be they locked up in case the issue came up again IN CASE A U.S. SENATOR ASKED FOR THEM except just like the Nixon tapes keeping them was too dangerous exposing the fact that the BEST (sic) team in the NFL in recent years regularly and systematically relied on CHEATING to enhance its record. And of course even worse potentially leading to a systematic investigation of just how widespread CHEATING might be.

you might think steroid use steroid use in baseball will “save” Spygate from getting big and DESTROYING Roger Goodell let’s hope not this might be FUN to watch old gate new gate WaterGate then SpyGate Now the “spirit” of Richard Nixon LIVES on in the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell