Spin Control Will The Real Tiki Barber Stand Up

Updated: February 8, 2008


Tiki Barber


Some stories are interesting more for what they say about the human condition than the story itself is Case in point Tiki Barber‘s response to the New Jersey Giants SuperBowl victory. Does it really matter. No not really. Although Bill Rhoden in The New York Times Friday and other sports journalists do. So we are here once again to cover the REAL story.

In this case the story about the story which no one else is A very little background if you need it. Tiki Barber retired after the 2006 season one of the best Giants runners of all time and still in his prime to pursue other career options. And not stay in the game like some others until they had to carried him off. He looked like a Real Smart Guy. He became a Broadcaster. But that is an incomplete description of the situation. Tiki gave the clear message for all to hear that his low opinion of Giants head coach Tom Coughlin and Quarterback Eli Manning were contributing factors.

Which begs the even larger question would Tiki have retired IF he Thought there was a Chance in Hell the Giants would play in and win the SuperBowl the following year. SO HERE IS THE REAL STORY. How Tiki has been SPINNING his past actions, and whether or not he wishes he was still on the team, and what he “really” thinks of Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning. And what that all is ultimately about is Tiki SPINNING the best possible impression for himself after the facts.

Now WHY doesn’t anyone else get that what about you Bill Rhoden ??

We certainly don’t want to accuse them of not being as smart as the Black Box. We are far too modest to say anything like that. So please forget you ever read it. But is there any other plausible explanation. Not really. At this point we must quote extensively from Bill Rhoden’s piece Friday to put this in absurd perspective ….

“Those are my guys,” Barber said Thursday from his home in Manhattan. “I went down on the field after the game, and there wasn’t one guy who didn’t come up and give me a big hug and say, ‘God*, I wish you were still here.’ There wasn’t one guy.”

* see below SEE TIKI IS SO HAPPY ” In Barber’s case, his criticism of Coach Tom Coughlin and of Manning might have paid dividends this season. You can argue that Barber’s tactics became too public. But often, the only way to bring about change is to confront — sometimes embarrass — authority. Barber laid the foundation for what happened this season, from taking on Coughlin, to challenging Manning to step up, to tutoring Brandon Jacobs.”

SEE TIKI HELPED THE GIANTS BY ATTACKING HIM in fact Tiki is responsible for their SuperBowl victory !

All you had to do is listen to what Tiki is saying today and then read Bill Rhoden’s column to read what he said to the world through Rhoden. Now while Rhoden didn’t include the complete story we can report that …..

……. *Tiki was visited by God at the end of the 2006 season and God told Tiki to retire because if he did God would reward Tiki by having the Giants win the SuperBowl in return for his sacrifice. We can also report that without any publicity Tiki worked as a volunteer in homeless shelters all during the 2007 season as his way of doing good that he believed and as was proven true those blessing would go to the Giants to be used in tough games that they had to win so that they could go win the SUPERBOWL.

So Sports Fans now you know the Truth Tiki Barber was not just a great player Tiki Barber is so so much more fact is the New Jersey Giants SuperBowl is not theirs it is the result of Tiki’s sacrifices Tiki’s vision Tiki’s hard work it is Tiki Barber‘s Victory !

give Tiki a SuperBowl Ring and Praise the Lord !

( Tiki did we spin it OK )

Terrelle Pryor