So Much For Golf What It Needs Sorry Tiger Not You

Updated: February 21, 2008



Golf Ball


A shocking report has just been released …..

Golf is DYING so to speak it’s in Decline Golf which was supposedly experience a RENAISSANCE because of Tiger Woods is rather in DECLINE. Yes the Big Fat Pros are shoveling it in like never before but it is NOT translating into more interest in playing Golf but Less.

And the most “troubling” point is looks like nothing will halt it What is Golf to do.

Those thousands and thousands of golf courses each more expensive and inviting than the one right next to it. Billions of dollars of sales for clubs, shoes, tees, bags, hats, you name it. And the new report says OHOH we’ve got a Problem.

Here is ONE Problem.

No matter what they say Golf has been marketed as a RICH guys and a few gals game and priced accordingly. YESYESYES of course “they” deny it. And aren’t there those ridiculous unkempt municipal golf so called courses for the poor and the downtrodden where the Untouchables can have a few make it a lot of beers and make believe they are Phil Michelson until the head falls off their putter and they can’t afford another.

So what is Golf to do ???????

Maybe they should try what Football and Basketball do and what Baseball used to do. Motivate BLACK players. They – meaning the secret shadowy group of very old White Men who CONTROL Golf – they thought they had the Magical Formula when Tiger came along. SORRY it did not work. Although “they” weren’t completely Wrong.

They got the Color right even if Tiger Woods would disagree Tiger says color me …

RAINBOW Where “they” got it wrong was thinking they could get by with one BLACK player and he would provide all the Juice the Sport needed. Too bad guys. It did not work. As much as it might finish some of you off the SHOCK of it. You need dozens maybe a HUNDRED African American men and women on the Tours IF you intend to re-energize.

BUT BUT BUT No more IF BUTS or WHAT’S about it Old White Men of Golf. And your much younger Apprentices with the same mind (less) set. YES even if you admit the Truth you can’t solve your PROBLEM overnight. You have trapped yourselves by making Golf uninviting for African Americans to compete. Yes supposed according to some sources there are currently a million even TWO million Black golfers. Try to find them. Maybe they are out in the Nebula far far out in Space ?

But even if they exist they are recreational Golfers NOT the kind who DRIVE interest in the Sport. It is the Golfers on TV competing against Tiger who can DRIVE more interest to Golf. And to get dozens if not a HUNDRED young African American men and women on the Tours will take years to do. BUT it is worth it.

ONLY when you ADD the excitement the energy of a group of Black players competing in the MAJOR tourneys all Spring, Summer and Fall will Golf find its SOUL again. Strange as it may seem Golf Elders – don’t worry we won’t give your names here – STRANGE as it may seem buried in White America’s sub-conscious is the desire to see White and Black competing together. Because it produces far BETTER entertainment.

If you want all the details about the current DECLINE and to read all about it we are going to send you over to The New York Times yes the same Times that just SLIMED John McCain because they are so UPSET their own candidate Hillary is doing so BAD and they could NOT find any rumors to SLIME Barack Obama anyway let us leave you with The Times story the link anyway ….

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