Obama Is The Answer Bill Rhoden

Updated: February 11, 2008


Rhoden and Obama


Bill Rhoden is one of the finest Sports Journalists working in America We regularly use him as a Foil here in the Box because he is so talented. So we hope he appreciates the attention. With his commentary in The NY Times on Monday Rhoden presented an opportunity for a Box we could not ignore. Especially since he uses Barack Obama as imagery he employs to make his Point.

Our Point is that Rhoden’s Point completely misses the Point In Bill Rhoden’s article Monday titled ” Campaign Needed for Minority Candidates for Football Coach ” Rhoden laments the fact in his view Barack Obama is proving it is “easier” for an African American to be elected President than to be chosen a Division I NCAA head football coach. Not quite but ……

It is an interesting comparison and whether or not technically correct the logic of his argument rings true as far as it goes. Of course writing for The NY Times he is carefully politically correct referencing “African Americans and women” so as not to leave Hillary out of the equation and Rhoden also refers to “minorities” in the articles as not to offend Latinos or Somoan Islanders. Listen it’s The Times. What can you do.

But let’s not quibble about such nonsense the Box is a card carrying member of the Bill Rhoden Fan Club. What Rhoden is really arguing is that some kind of “campaign” is needed if more African Americans are ever to have a FAIR chance of being named head football coaches. Unfortunately Rhoden also uses the NFL’s BS Rooney Rule as an example of the NFL doing far better than the NCAA. REALLY BILL ??

You REALLY think the Rooney Rule is anything more that a Complete Sham. Are you not aware of how many African American head coaches there are in the NFL today, and less than 2 years ago as meager as that was, and not one new one Black for the 2008 season and it really doesn’t look any better for 2009 or 2010 for now.

Rooney Rule BS Anyway let’s stay focused please it is so so easy to go off on an interesting tangent The point is Rhoden’s article is steeped in HOPELESSNESS that the NCAA is going to change its ways. That it seems like a far fetched dream that even 10% of the 130 so Division I football coaches or just 12-15 of them will EVER be African American. Bill there is no “campaign” that is going to change this situation …

except One and you fly right past in in your commentary on Monday a “transformational” leader who is African American becomes PRESIDENT of these United States Barack Obama‘s potential and increasingly possible election as President of the United States – it may be even clearer come Tuesday night – will make it impossible for White America to hide behind the Status Quo as a reason for DENYING Black Americans and yes many others who are part of the American “mosaic” equal access and fair treatment be it in coaching Division I college football or good jobs currently reserved for the boys and girls who get their ticket punched by “graduating” from the Best Colleges.

But much more than that development Americans of Color will have the role model to push away or at least push to the side BARRIERS that have so long existed in America As we have stated before in vigorously supporting Barack Obama here in the Box it is unclear if his policies will be much different than Clinton or Edwards would have been but that is not the point the Right Leader will INSPIRE more than he or she will do anything else and in tandem their presence in this case as the face of our nation will crystallize all the places in American society where in this case an African American is far less likely to be found than as President of the United States.

So actually Bill we are in complete agreement in curious sort of way You make the point that it is “ridiculous” ( our word ) that today it is more likely that an African American might be elected President than chose as head coach at the NCAA college of “your choice.” But what you do not see is that it is not some “campaign” as you call it that you cannot detail that will “transform” the coaching situation in the NCAA.

It is Barack Obama‘s election that will do more to “transform” the coaching situation in the NCAA than anything in the past or anything else that might take place in any foreseeable future. His presence in The WHITE House. That’s worth repeating. His presence in The WHITE House will not change everything. It ma not be “revolutionary” but it will FORCE America to look at itself like never before.

And most of all in the context of your commentary Monday it will inspire other African Americans in college football to not let anything STOP them from reaching their GOAL line

Barack Obama for President