No Not Since Rocky Marciano Almost Unbroken Streak Since Joe Lewis Ended Saturday

Updated: February 23, 2008




There was Rocky Marciano beating Jersey Joe before Rocky Max Schmeling KOed by Joe Louis Last White Fighter Wear the Crown UNDISPUTED The UNIFIED Crown that is. In the Old Days there was only the World Boxing Association that decided who was Heavyweight CHAMPION of the World. So there was no confusion. That changed with the creation of the World Boxing Council in 1963 naming their Heavyweight CHAMPION of the World.

That is when the term UNIFIED Heavyweight Champion entered the Lexicon. To be the UNDISPUTED Heavyweight CHAMPION of the World you now had to be recognized by more than just one Boxing “authority.” Sometimes 3 or more.

Which brings us to Saturday night’s Heavyweight CHAMPIONSHIP Fight between Wladimir Klitschko and Sultan Ibragimov it is for the UNIFIED Heavyweight CHAMPIONSHIP of the World. It does not matter who won. Not to us here in the Box. Congratulations Champ whoever you are. Sorry we did not stay up all night to write the Box nor pay HBO $64.99 so we could give your name.

It is not our Point it does not matter sorry Champ The point is that for the first time in nearly half a century and for the second time going on a century there will be a WHITE UNIFIED Heavyweight CHAMPION of the World. Now we have reached the fork in the road in this Black Box and just as Yogi Berra would we are going to take it. In case you did not realize it as most don’t Yogi was/is Brilliant. The best way to deal with a fork in the road is to explore both roads. All those laughing at him should be laughing at themselves.

Back to Boxing enough philosophy thanks Yogi There are two distinct ways of viewing another White Unified Heavyweight CHAMP. Either that is the repetition of a very rare cycle OR here is another Sport where Black dominance is eroding maybe permanently. We will give you a hint if you don’t know what fork to take. Since eventually you have to decide Yogi.

It is easier to be a Pessimist here There don’t seem to be any Great Black Hopes on the horizon. And the former Soviet Union now mostly Russia and other formerly Eastern BLOCK countries seem to have an abundance of big nasty mean and angry locally born White Fighters who see bruising fist fights viewed on cable as they smash heads bloody as their best maybe only way out of the choking coal mines and hell like steel plants. Where they would get into bruising fist fights smashing heads bloody anyway but for nothing.

Not that there aren’t still plenty of POOR young African Americans living lives of Desperation as in the HBO series The Wire but that problem is exemplified well enough in this superb fictional series. Unlike in Russia and the like where Promising Boxers have lots of support not as much from government any more as wealthy promoters there is no such “safety net” for African Americans drawn to Boxing.

So while there will surely be more African Americans vying to be Heavyweight CHAMPION of the World only the Complete Optimistic expects a return to the almost total dominance of African American Heavyweights beginning with Joe Louis reaching a crescendo with Muhammad Ali and continuing on virtually unchallenged until Lennox Lewis’ retirement has now ENDED.

So whether this Sunday morning or afternoon if you’re a late riser or because you didn’t get any sleep because it was Saturday sex night for you and your honey known as fighting by other means whether it is the new UNDISPUTED Heavyweight CHAMP Wladimir Klitschko or UNDISPUTED Heavyweight CHAMP Sultan Ibragimov will not matter as much here anyway as who will be the next UNDISPUTED Black Heavyweight CHAMPION of the World IF anyone that is ??

Joe Louis