Magazine Wins Latin Surf Award

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: February 14, 2008

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — At the completion of the Asociacion Latinamerica de Surf (ALAS) Latin Tour Perú 2008 last weekend in Punta Rocas, among the prizes given to the outstanding surfers of last year’s ALAS Latin circuit was the recognition to Surfos magazine for Best Latin America Surf Magazine.

According to the public, who voted through the ALAS webpage, as well as professional surfers, in addition to the opinion of the ALAS board of directors, Surfos is the most outstanding printed surf publication in the Latin American region.

During the ceremony, winners included great star athletes, including among them World Champion of Women’s surfing, Peruvian Sofía Mulanovich. Christophe Commarieu, Director and Founder of Surfos, received the prize for Best Latin American Surf Magazine from Antonio Sotillo and Karín Sierralta , ALAS Co-Presidents, and in doing so, expressed his graditude to the people who made the honor possible.

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“I am proud of the journey that Surfos has made in the 12 years it has been established,” Commarieu said. “Little by little, we have evolved and improved in so many aspects so that we could be where we are today, a place where we are recognized for the intense focus on our subject — the high level of surfing in Latin America!”

Surfos magazine was born in 1995 as a supplement of the Tico newspaper To the Day, and after several issues became independent as a surf magazine for Costa Rica.

Later, for two years, it branched out its coverage to all of Central America, and then in 1999, broadened its editorial and photography reach to all of Latin America. Today, Surfos’ current issue is Edition 50.

ALAS 2008 Latin Surf Awards

The Most Radical Surfer: Diego Cadena/México

Mr. Air: Luis Vindas/Costa Rica

Mr. Tube: Leandro Usuna/Argentina //<![CDATA[ //]]>

The Most Professional Surfer: Gary Saavedra/Panamá

Revelation of the Year 2007 Male: Francisco Bellorín/Venezuela

Revelation of the Year 2007 Female: Sofía Borquez/Chilé

Prize of the Journey: Magoo de la Rosa/Perú

Technical Categories:

Best Latin American Surf Magazine: Surfos/Costa Rica

Best Latin Surf Photographer: Emiliano Gatica/Argentina

Best Latin Surf Video: Cuentos del Mar/José Madalengoitia

Best ALAS Event Producer: Leonel Pérez/México