It’s Going From Bad To Worse Call It The NFL’s Rooney ‘Curse’

Updated: February 12, 2008


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Some African Americans want to see a Rooney “rule” created for college football GOD HELP US IF college football ever does Because if the NCAA ever does it will do the same it has for the NFL. Allowing them to give the impression they are doing something about discrimination against African Americans while doing nothing. Making it worse bragging about their “progress.”

It is a Sucker Deal The NFL’s Rooney Rule should be repealed but it never ever will be. Because it “works so well” (sic). It has become a stroke of (sick) genius allowing Commissioner Goodell and the owners to claim they are allowing African Americans fair and equal access to coaching positions most of all head coaching positions.

What a Shame ……

All you have to do is examine the current crop of new head coaches to see with complete clarity how Black coaches are getting completely SCREWED and don’t be surprised if within 3 years we are back to the situation prevalent through most of NFL history in which there is not even one Africa American head coach in the NFL.

Just look at the current situation Chronicled by Sports Illustrated writer Don Banks who no doubt how we would utilize his article bragging about the kind of NEW NFL head coaches that will be running 4 NFL teams for the 2008 season. We will give you the article for you to read. But to summarize FOUR teams are so discouraged by the quality of WHITE coaches all FOUR teams replacing their 2007 head coaches …..

……. have literally gone out on the street and grabbed any WHITE guy passing by. Now that might be a little theatrical but the point of the SI article is that all these teams went out and hired head coaches with no experience or almost no experience hoping for better results. Now SI does not see or care but we will give you the REAL Point of Don Banks article even as he is oblivious to it.

Be it a rather small group there are quite a few talented experienced BLACK assistant coaches and offensive and defensive coordinators who were simply IGNORED while these 4 teams in “desperation” went out and hired WHITE newbees to coach their teams. NOT ONE AFRICAN AMERICAN GOT SERIOUS CONSIDERATION FOR ANY OF THESE HEAD COACHING POSITIONS.

What ROONEY Rule call it what it is the Rooney SCREW Job This “new” development is nothing but a big big step back. So far back it it reminiscent of the days that NFL teams openly stated they would not hire an African American to coach their team. Talented African Americans with coaching experience have been passed over without any protest from Commissioner Goodell or anyone else while 4 inexperienced WHITE guys have just been hired as head coaches for the Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons and the Baltimore Ravens.

Here is the SI article titled ” NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY ” subtitle should be ….

AS LONG AS YOU’RE WHITE “Now that Washington’s bizarrely conducted coaching search has concluded with perhaps the fastest promotion in the history of the NFL — Jim Zorn went from newly hired Redskins offensive coordinator to head coach in a couple weeks — the theme behind this year’s crop of coaching hires is: The cleaner the better.”

“As in blank canvases are better canvases, because there are no previous pock marks or mistakes that require covering up. Not only did the four teams looking for a head coach this offseason shy away from candidates with past head coaching experience (Hello, Jim Fassel), they wound up largely avoiding the tried and true practice of identifying and landing the promising coordinators around the NFL. Consider the final results:” • Miami hired Dallas assistant Tony Sparano, who has never coordinated in the NFL, and whose only head coaching experience came at NCAA Division II New Haven from 1994-98.

• Baltimore hired Philadelphia assistant John Harbaugh, who has never coordinated in the NFL and made his name leading the Eagles special teams units from ’98-2006.

• Washington hired Seattle assistant Jim Zorn, who has never been a head coach, coordinator or play-caller in the NFL, and whose only experience as an offensive coordinator came at Utah State from ’92-94.

• Atlanta hired Jacksonville assistant Mike Smith, whose five-season stint as the Jaguars’ defensive coordinator (’03-07) bucked this year’s trend, but never resulted in him being widely recognized as anything other than the executor of head coach Jack Del Rio’s defensive blueprint.

Juxtapose those additions with the following facts about what many consider the world’s most exclusive 32-member club: In the five previous NFL off seasons (’03-07), 31 of the 32 head coaching vacancies were filled by candidates who previously had been either a head coach or a coordinator in the NFL or in a major college program. The lone exception to that was Detroit’s hiring of longtime Bucs defensive line coach Rod Marinelli in ’06.

Let’s at least end the Outrageous HYPOCRISY of the Rooney Rule KILL it but the NFL never will they have created the ultimate Con Game to look good while Screwing African Americans

Robert Goodell