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Updated: February 18, 2008




” WE’RE BUILDING THE FUTURE ….. ONE BROADCAST AT A TIME “ Are you investing in the FUTURE you should be Nothing better than investing in the FUTURE. And right here at BASN the future is happening. Buy into the old well established broadcast media – those over priced stocks ready to crash in the upcoming recession – and you’ll be lucky to see your money hold its own let alone zoom to new heights.

That’s right BROADCAST is the word once again. But not over the air broadcast, or cable broadcast or even satellite broadcast. As with everything else it’s the Internet not “it’s the Internet stupid” just the reverse “it’s the Internet genius.”

If you haven’t noticed and you should BASN has launched its broadcast channel under the leadership of BASN CEO Roland Rogers. It is right here on BASN’S front page just to the right side your “gateway” to BASN radio soon to be joined by BASN video.

In the initial stage BASN has a full Saturday schedule and developing week day schedule on our way to 24/7 broadcasting. While being a listener is fine. It’s good for you good for us. But there is a percentage of the audience who can and should do more.

First of all there is both established and undiscovered broadcasting talent out there and while BASN has lined up an exciting array of current and coming Sports Talk Hosts we are always on the lookout for very special or unusual talent to add to the schedule now or in the coming weeks and months. No doubt there are some unique especially exciting sports radio themes and personalities that are not available anywhere yet. If you have one of those concepts or you are a Sweet Talker dreaming of broadcasting let’s talk !

But that is not the core of today’s BOX $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ are If you are one of the few who don’t know it yet ALL broadcasting is migrating to the Internet platform. AND NEVER FORGET INTERNET BROADCASTS ARE WORLDWIDE ALL THE TIME. Sometimes that simple but all powerful distinction somehow gets lost. Every Internet broadcast has a “potential” audience of not millions but billions. The point is not attracting an audience that large but it is just as true the larger the potential audience means the larger the actual audience. Law of Percentages.

Now let’s talk Black Sports Broadcasting There is one BIG gaping hole in the multi-billion dollar American Sports industry, an AUTHENTIC Black presence which BASN has been addressing the last 5+ years with our daily Sports news Website. Now we are expanding into the heart of the Sports industry BROADCAST. As Willie Sutton said because ” it’s where the money is.”

Where would American Sports be if none of the media existed in the Toilet that’s where But again what has been missing is the heart and soul of Sports broadcasting the truly BLACK perspective in all its many splendid manifestations. Yes we are talking Sports Talk Radio but so so much more. Not just audio but live video as well. All kinds of programming. Think ESPN but with with all the rhythms of the African American community and experience AND the African community worldwide.

And although we should keep it secret we have already told you previously In the not very distant future all the knuckle heads SORRY we mean brilliant Sports industry executives and all those lucrative Sports “franchises” are going to realize they are WASTING inherent value in the tens of thousands of live game broadcasts all year long ALWAYS having “normally” two BORING white guys doing game play by play.

Once they WAKE UP to the fact That Sports Fans would love to be able to select from a wide range of audio options Sports broadcasting is going to become infinitely better. We have been promoting the concept indeed we originated the concept. Now w intend to PROFIT from it by being the first to deliver additional audio channels knocking the sox off the Big Boys when we knock on their creaky doors and begin offering them dollars for those rights. A lucrative NEW income stream they did not even know they have.

SO WHAT IS HOLDING US BACK From the next great success story in Broadcasting. Nothing but the Status Quo and Stereotyping. Both very big here in the USA. The venture capital industry might as well place a big sign overlooking their headquarters in southern California and elsewhere that says AFRICAN AMERICAN ENTREPRENEURS NEED NOT APPLY.

So s _ _ _ w them we’re coming STRAIGHT to you right here If you have some investment dollars OR if you can direct us to investment dollars we want to hear from you. Specifically BASN CEO Roland Rogers does at .. In Roland Rogers own words ” The fact that we have survived and are poised to prosper even being ignored by the venture industry that runs away from anything Black …. our survival, our expansion, our growth plans are proof positive we are on the verge of something big for ourselves and investors.”

Here is another SECRET don’t tell anyone Everyone has heard of the “tipping point” the phrase if not the famous book. Well listen to this we are edging very close to something that will greatly benefit investors who get onboard now. The fact is there are thousands of current, past and future successful African American athletes who are going to fall in LOVE $$$$$ with BASN – having a Sports media powerhouse that really addresses their needs and their views …..

What do you think is going to happen to the VALUE of BASN and to those with equity in BASN when 20 then 50 then 100 then 1000 Black athletes all let the world know the place to get the BEST coverage of them and catch them in their own words and on their own shows is at Black Athlete Sports Network …..

Well that day is Coming and now is your opportunity to be there when they arrive and cash in when they do and even sooner still IF you do yourself a favor if you are an investor or have access to some or think you’ve something else to offer BASN once again all that you need to know contact CEO Roland Rogers time to change the Sports World for the Better and Profit from it