End Of An Era

By Kevin Wilson
Updated: February 27, 2008

MARYLAND — Wearing the burgundy and gray swim suit for four years, at Fairmont Heights High in Prince George’s County Temara Jordan, did exceptionally well, and no one can dispute that.

In the final two weeks of her remarkable career, the senior trendsetter to be, always displayed a sportsmanlike attitude in victory, while setting records, and even in defeat.

At the Fairland Aquatic Center, in Laurel, Jordan defended her regional title, winning the 50 freestyle with a time of 25.25, setting a new regional record.( old record-25.56)

She defeated second place Samantha Durham, a senior at Walkerville High (25.88) and Sarah Mafei, junior at Tuscarora High (26.32).

Minutes later, Jordan won the 100 yard backstroke, beating Ally Long, who earned the victory at the 2007 Inaugural Maryland State Championship, by 1.88 seconds, with a time of 100.62, setting another regional record.

The old record was 102.55.

Sitting calmly behind Coach Paul Sweet on the bleachers, at the Maryland State Swimming Championship at Maryland University, Temara’s shoulders were covered with a blue towel, while listening to her headset.

Her final performance on the highest level of high school competition was near. In the 50 freestyle, Jordan challenged Durham, again. From the start, the two seniors were side by side.

Touching the wall and coming down the stretch, this race had some spectators on the edge of their seats, while most were standing. Initially, Coach Sweet noticed that Temara’s dive was off a little.

Durham beat Jordan by a touch, recording a time of 25.25. Jordan registered a 25.26. “Temara beat me in the regionals, but I was excited to meet her again,” Samantha said.

Jordan placed second in the 100 backstroke with a time of 103.94. Ally Long, of Frederick High won the event(100.53) and Kelly Scott, a senior at Kent Island High, placed third.(104.96)

Jordan went undefeated in the freestyle and backstroke throughout seven seasonal meets, including county and regional competition. “Placing second still means she was in the running,” a spectator clarified.

Without debate, Temara Jordan is a part of swimming history in the state of Maryland. Going into the state championship meet, Temara anticipated that the competition would be enormously great.

She just wanted to give everything she had. She tried to have a good start off in both events. Jordan uttered, “it’s only so much her body could do.” She didn’t earn the best time, nonetheless, she’s awfully proud of her overall accomplishments.

Never did she underestimate an opponent, and I’m sure they did not underestimate her. ” I do put a lot of pressure on myself, to be the best I can be, but now, I wish Danielle, a freshman at the state meet, the very best,” say Jordan.

There are college scholarships on the table for this three-time MVP swimmer, and clearly I can see why. When Jordan signs, a press conference will be held.

In signing, she’ll be the first swimmer at Fairmont Heights High to earn a free ride to college. Even, in defeat, a champion and trendsetter can exist.