Do You Know Who Won The 2005 Heisman

Updated: February 10, 2008


Book about Reggie Bush


Who won the 2005 Heisman the answer is Obvious IF you don’t know look it up but the Real Question might be who will be the winner of the 2005 Heisman after February 25th WHAT ??

There might be another African American Quarterback on the honor roll of Heisman Trophy winners. OR the entire idea may be ridiculous. It all depends like most things do. Who do you believe. Vince Young the would be “late” Heisman has nothing to do with the story. It’ likely he couldn’t care less. And if the Heisman shows up on his doorstep one day who knows he might even send it back because of how he got it.

In fact what is most fascinating about this story isn’t even Reggie Bush sort of From a strategic point of view our favorite this is really about 1) unintended consequences, and 2) how Bush has trapped himself maybe. Because of a civil law suit by the individual who contends Bush owes him $$$$$ for reneging on a deal he says he made with Bush while he was still in college and for which his accuser says Bush and his family got in excess of $300,000. The guy wants his money back.

Here is the PROBLEM for Bush It isn’t the law suit as such. It isn’t the $300,000. But IT IS the sworn deposition Bush is being forced to give on February 25, 2008, as a normal part of the pre-trial phase of any law suit. Let’s be even more specific. PERJURY IS THE VERY BIG PROBLEM REGGIE BUSH FACES. And where the new book ” Tarnished Heisman ” by a well respected investigative reporter plays a part. Be it indirect.

The book purports to detail irrefutable evidence that Reggie Bush did indeed get large “illegal” in the world of the NCAA ( not actual law ) use of a house for his family, various gifts and cash payments from one Lloyd Lake who Lake contends did so as part of a deal to do business with Bush after college when he turned pro.

Reggie Bush and his family and anyone else with possible knowledge of the allegations has refused to cooperate with an NCAA investigation or talk to anyone else. Since Bush is out of college there is really nothing they can do. And as mentioned even if he is “guilty” there is apparently nothing criminally illegal that the government can go after him.

The ONLY penalty Bush is facing would be LOSS of his Heisman for breaking NCAA regulations except …….

THERE IS THE 2/25 DEPOSITION. While the case is civil IF Bush is found to have lied or misled or withheld information in the deposition that is PERJURY a Federal CRIME punishable by however many years in prison. WORSE depending on your point of view IF such charges ever were brought against Bush it could END his young career and all those multi-million dollar endorsement deals even if he never sees a jail cell.

So right now Reggie Bush faces a Classic Dilemma almost Shakespearean to be dramatic That is the Story ! Ask yourself what are the chances businessman and promoter Lloyd Lake would have brought this law suit against Bush if he fabricated the allegations. That would be insane. Ask yourself would an experienced well respected investigative reporter have written a book filled with lies to prove Reggie Bush is guilty. Not likely.

Ask yourself if not a gift from Lloyd Lake where did Reggie Bush and his family get the funds to rent a very expensive house way above their economic reach while Bush was still in college and apparently a second home Bush himself lived in away from his family. You can see where this is going if you follow Box Logic which is the superior kind.

Do NOT be surprised IF Bush in effect admits to the accusations on 2/25 at the deposition because his other OPTIONS are far worse unless of course in spite of appearances he has been set up. He is a victim and NEVER had this deal. Nor got $$$$.

On the Other Hand IF Reggie Bush acknowledges taking disallowed $$$$$ while in college he will LOSS his 2005 Heisman and his credibility will take a hit but little else he will still be playing in the NFL and probably keep all his deal dollars with various companies YES we almost forgot the cost of postage to send the Heisman to 2005 Heisman Trophy winner Vince Young a painful expense !

POSTSCRIPT There is an all important sub-text to this story.

The obvious one the Box has covered again and again.

If the NCAA was not allowed to be a “law onto itself” and trash student-athletes basic Constitutional rights with the support of the Courts – Reggie Bush who made MILLIONS for USC because of his talent on the football field for them – would benefit economically and he just like USC does at his expense would be allowed to make sponsorship and endorsement deals with business people.

Except in our very unfair World Bush could not.

Reggie Bush and The Heisman