Dinosaurs In Sports Here Comes The R-EVOLUTION

Updated: February 20, 2008



” I’M BACK “

Does it sound too good to be True what you are about to read NO it’s not ! NOT at all We’re going to give you thesecret Right Here Right Now YES the REAL Secret Hidden in this book The Secret which swept the world ( for a while ) is the SECRET hidden in code. The REAL Secret. Did you really think the RIDICULOUS message “revealed” in the book and on the tape was the REAL secret. Tell us you are not that Dumb. Please NOT our many readers. The REAL Secret is this ….

The success of ALL the Sports Football, Basketball, Baseball, etc.

specifically NFL, NBA, MLB is dependent on one Basic SECRET ” BROADCAST ” In the Beginning long ago it was radio that first produced real financial success in Sports. Followed by the far far more powerful Television then added and abetted by Cable. The fact is it is ONLY the broadcasting of Sports that produces the out sized revenue and indeed which by association creates sold out stadiums and ticket revenue.

Still don’t get it some how Imagine a world once again in which the ONLY way to enjoy a Sport was to actually go to a game. Now do you understand. Sports was and is built on BROADCAST not the Sports themselves but their BROADCAST. And that is why contrary to everything you hear everywhere else the NFL, NBA and MLB are about to become …..


dinosaur dinosaur

BECAUSE the Internet is just about ready to DESTROY the advantage these “monsters” have enjoyed since the Beginning of Broadcast Time. There is NO Secret excuse us it has been a Secret up until right now right here. That it is Broadcast more than the Sports themselves that has been the basis of their phenomenal success.

if you did not know it was a SECRET now you do hidden in clear sight To make it even simpler it is their CONTROL of Broadcast that has produced their MONOPOLISTIC success which is the reason for their singular success making money. Call it PRINTING money. Without a BIG advantage over everyone else who although some tried – and a few succeeded – without a BIG advantage all these Major Players are about to confront a NEW World of Sports one they do not CONTROL.

Now here is the BEST Secret of all revealed before your eyes here the NEWEST Secret first revealed here and now In the age of Internet Broadcasting DAWNING right now and further enhanced by ever evolving and more sophisticated AUTOMATED broadcasting “facilities and equipment” other providers of Sports “product” i.e. other leagues and teams are …..

…… about to witness a wave of investment interest the mother’s milk of real world success the likes of which have never been seen before because the mania for Sports is going to allow investors all kinds of investors large and small to take their love of Sports and do what they like even more making more $$$$ this time from Sports.

Let’s use an attractive convenient example so even our younger readers will understand those below the age of 3 or so while bright and precocious still need some teaching tools Yesterday’s Box and the American Basketball Association will make a PERFECT example. When it is just as easy as it will be to turn on your television call it your COMPUTER screen connected to hi-speed INTERNET then ABA games will be just as close – one click on your remote – as will be NBA games ……

the THEORY here really more than THEORY the NEW reality is …

Sports fans in this case Basketball fans will choose the most interesting game and teams to watch or the game that features a team from their home town or a game that has caught their attention because of some eye catching Website.

The point is the overwhelming advantage the NBA has is predicated on LIMITED Broadcast. It’s them or NOTHING unless maybe you go to channel # 2178 on Time Warner Cable to find some ridiculous “teams” playing.

And even if the NBA attracts relatively small in fact small broadcast audiences is not the point. THE POINT IS that in the OLD World the NBA is the only real “player” and as the MONOPOLY Power in Basketball in a Sports MAD world those franchises have major value and that league SUCK up all the media.

Switch to the NEW World The Old War Horses all of them BLOATED no matter how much they deny it NFL, NBA, MLB include NCAA add others as you like are not positioned to COMPETE they never have had to they don’t know how to and they won’t do it well.

While most investors have yet to WAKE up to the NEW World they will. And in fairness the NEW leagues and teams that will compete and become investment vehicles don’t yet exist for the most part. But they are coming !

( for those of you who think you are smarter than the Box yes there have been plenty of “leagues” that have come and gone in the past …. that is our point STUPID before the age of Internet Broadcasting EQUALITY they could NOT compete ) The American BasketBall Association and YES Black Athlete Sports Network are SHINING exceptions available now so now you know the REAL Secret if you wasted money buying the book or tape too bad come here next time and it’s FREE unless you are an Investor!

New World