Dennis Rodman — Revolutionary??

By Eric D. Graham
Updated: February 26, 2008

NORTH CAROLINA — Dennis Rodman aka “The Worm” was and is a “true revolutionary.” Before there was a Ben Wallace, there was Dennis Rodman in Detroit and Chicago.

Okay, he might have been a “eye sore” but he was better looking than Oden Polynice. Whether we want to admit it or not, this “odd looking, alien-like creature” which I nicknamed “Rupaul with a basketball” hustled chaotically up and down the court on his tip toes gracefully like a gazelle.

With the endlessly energy of a wide-eyed pre-schooler “high” off “RED flavored Kool-Aid, Rodman grabbed reboundsoff the backboard with his jellybean colored hairdos or don’ts!

Simply was a true baller.

“You may say this dude was a circus clown, but this clown could REBOUND!”

Love him or hate him!!

Remember, Dennis “Menace” was the first player to”sport” several the tattoos all over his body “awalking billboard of pain” and don’t forget the body piercing before it was accepted by the NBA or before it became (HIP), (fashionable), or trendy by today’s high-paid young ballers.

It was also Dennis Rodman who would remove his sweaty and musty jersey off after the game tossing in the crowd after a victory or loss.

He actually fantasized about leaving the court (butt-naked) which in his mind would symbolize the he gave everything he had on the court. (I didn’t say he wasn’t crazy!!

It was also Dennis Rodman who refuse to sit on the bench but preferred riding a stationary bicycle to keep his legs fresh.(trendsetter) It was also Dennis Rodman who challenged, explored, and forced the NBA to accept his sexuality whether it was “bi-sexual or homosexual.

I would love how Dennis Rodman would use this as “psychological warfare against other players as he rubbed up against them as if he was infecting them with some incurable disease as he flopped to draw an official foul. (master mind) And even before, Ricky Williams put on a bridal gown, Dennis Rodman did it.

Despite all of this, Dennis Rodman was simple a winner! Remember Dennis played with Isiah and Dumars, Jordan and Pippen, Shaq and Kobe, David Robinson and Avery Johnson, Moses Malone, Doc Rivers, and Robert Horry.

So don’t forget about Dennis Rodman because he definitely revolutionize the game!! “This dude might look like a circus clown but this clown could rebound.