David Tyree Is The Man

Updated: February 4, 2008



There is no “objective” reality only what each of us believes is True and both of us can be but are not always correct take the SuperBowl Eli Manning is THE focus of attention for most of football loving America and many who are not football loving except at those Big Moments. Can’t really argue with them. He is the Quarterback. And in football the “default” goes to the Quarterback. And Manning did indeed escape from an inescapable “embrace” from the Patriots to make THE Pass.

But still let’s get REAL THE Pass itself was a desperation “what else am I going to do with this ball” with seconds left in the game. The MIRACLE Catch was made by David Tyree. The IMPOSSIBLE Catch was made by David Tyree. The Catch that CHANGED SuperBowl and Football history was made by David Tyree.

Had Tree not made THE Catch the game was “over” the Patriots would have won the SuperBowl they could not lose and instead of Tuesday’s TickerTape Parade and either the first or second GREATEST Upset in all of SuperBowl history today the Giants would be on their way home LOSERS. And an A for effort.

So who is The Man DAVID TYREE IS THE MAN And of course Tyree’s CATCH did and did not finish off the Patriots. It still took the dramatic Touchdown CATCH by Plaxico Burress to put the Giants up 17-14 to stay. And let’s admit it would NEVER have gotten to that point if the Giants defense had not shut down Tom Brady like NO other team had this season. Most notably defensive lineman Justin Tuck and defensive end Osi Umenyiora and of course fellow defensive end Michael Strahan. Have we made our point yet. Or do you need more names.

Here is the math Sports Fans 39 of the 53 active roster players on the Giants 75 % of the team of the SuperBowl Champions are African American that’s who truly BEAT New England’s Patriots where else will you read the TRUTH and the Coaching staff well that’s a different story 15 of 19 are White that’s 80 % and that’s the Problem with the NFL good enough to win the SuperBowl against those impossible odds Sunday but still not “good enough” to coach, or to operate or own in the NFL so nothing changed on this SuperBowl Sunday Too Bad for Football and yes Too Bad for The American Dream ( vote for Barack Obama ) and take a look here ….