Business As Usual In The NFL

By Gary Norris Gray
Updated: February 1, 2008

CALIFORNIA — The NCAA Division I-A football head coaching merry go round ended in the first week of January. The NFL’s is still in progress as four coaches (Joe Gibbs, Bobby Petrino, Cam Cameron, and Brian Billick) have either resigned or been fired in the last four weeks.

This feat was accomplished with little or no fan fare and also completed with little regard of the 1992 NFL Rooney Rule. These teams hired new head coaches this month within a marginal amount of time and very few interviews.

The blatant question is did these teams skirt the 1992 Rooney Rule? This rule clearly states that each team must interview one minority candidate. The Rooney Rule opened up opportunities for minority head coaches in a majority white ownership and management environment.

This creative rule produced a job for talented defensive coach Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati and gave the opportunity for the Bengals to be winners again.

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