23 Reasons Why Michael Jordan Is Largely Irrelevant

Updated: February 2, 2008


Here we go again one day Tiger Woods another Michael Jordan WHY don’t we leave these guys alone just like all the other media does THAT’S WHY First of all CONGRATULATIONS to Michael Jordan who contributed $10,000 to Barack Obama‘s U.S. Senate campaign and another $2100 so far to his Presidential campaign. See we just praised Michael Jordan in the Box. Let’s keep going and include the obvious for probably being the greatest basketball player ever.

now that we got that out of the way let’s get back to the very REAL world where most African Americans live As noted in the opening we are not going to KISS Michael Jordan‘s Ass (or Tiger Woods) everybody else in the Media kisses Michael Jordan‘s ass so much and so often his ass is bruised and sore from all the adulation. Or so we hear.

Anyway today’s Box is motivated by the “important” announcement that Nike is releasing the 23rd version of their AirJordan sneaker. PRAISE THE LORD THANK GO the wait is over. Don’t you and/or your kids need a way over-priced $230 pair of sneakers that look like they would be better worn to some Black Tie event than playing sports.

O we are sorry Michael Yes this version is REALLY special because of course #23 was your number on the Courts. This is what marketing executives at places like Nike get the big bucks for trying to convince SUCKERS that this version of AirJordans is “special” because Jordan’s number was 23. Don’t you see the powerful connection that will have you running out to buy a pair before you even finish reading the Box.

Wait a minute there is more IF you can handle it Nike is spreading the “rumor” read LIE that because this is the 23rd version of the AirJordans it might be the last. NO MICHAEL PLEASE SAY IT ISN’T SO. What you don’t see the logic. This being the final AirJordans because it is the 23rd version and Jordan wore number 23. You must need a CAT scan. If not a brain transplant.

Too bad you can’t make a bet anywhere Betting that this is NOT the final AirJordan. If you could you might win enough money that you could buy a pair of AirJordans and not care you just threw away $230. Or if you really bet a lot you might become rich just like Michael. Probably not.

Here is some good news if you can wait until February 16 to buy your Air Jordans price drops to $185 a pair no kidding seriously really !!

Now here is some good advice for Michael. And also his good friend Tiger Woods. Here is a rhetorical question masquerading as advice. Michael and Tiger WHY don’t you do what Oprah is doing again on Sunday CAMPAIGN FOR BARACK OBAMA.

As much as Oprah heightens the excitement and coverage that much more at Obama events, you two can luxuriate in that each of you on either side of Obama the frenzy and the coverage will be even more intense and make Barack look even better when contrasted with Old Hillary Clinton. And get this since you both work for Nike well Michael talk about marketing those NEW AirJordans and Tiger wear your Nike stuff.

YES we have finally uncovered the way to get Michael and Tiger involved in the Obama campaign turn their appearances into $$$$ value for them and Michael WHAT IF you give Barack a pair to wear u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e better get your Air Jordans NOW even at $230 before they’re ALL gone and REMEMBER this XX3 may be the very LAST Air Jordans no kidding seriously really

Michael Jordan ” BARACK IT’S A GIFT ”