Why Miranda Will Beat Pascal

By Francis Walker
Updated: January 15, 2008

GlovesNEW YORK — Former world title challenger Edison Miranda (30-2, 26 KOs) and unbeaten Jean Pascal (21-0, 14 KOs) were showcased on the most recent edition of ESPN’s “Friday Night Fights.”

As expected, Miranda’s exceptional power as a middleweight has carried well into the super middleweight division. However, as Pascal is stepping up in competition, he’s proving that he isn’t as good as his hype.

In the main event, Miranda knocked out David Banks (15-4-1, 2 KOs) through the ropes at 1:15 seconds into the third round. It was perhaps Miranda’s most impressive knockout victory.

Pascal, however, struggled as was nearly stopped by a surprising Omar Pittman (15-4-1, 8 KOs) in the co-featured attraction at the Seminole Hard Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL.

Miranda-Pascal will meet in what should be a highly anticipated super middleweight battle in June. There is no doubt that Miranda’s combination of power and big-fight experience will be too much for the confident, but very flawed Pascal.

Miranda, who was knocked out by Kelly Pavlik last year, is 2-0, with 2 KOs since moving up to 168 pounds. Miranda boxed well and his power proved to be exceptional at 168 as it was at 160 pounds.

Miranda, 27 of Columbia, caught Banks with an overhand right that left him hanging on the ropes. Miranda set up the knockout by simply boxing. Miranda stalked Banks with left jabs and right hand counters. Miranda weaved and blocked punches.

Banks obviously didn’t land anything significant.

“I’m better in this sport and he’s not,” Miranda said afterwards. “I’m not sure where they get this fighter from, but if (Pascal) fights Edison Miranda, I’ll knock him out.”

Pascal struggled with Pittman, an opponent with a winning record and little punching power that was suppose to make the 25-year-old Haitian look good. Pittman didn’t cooperate and nearly starched Pascal late.

“I performed well,” Pascal said, “but not pretty well.”

Pascal went down in the first round off a left hook to his chin. Pascal’s glove touched the mat, but the referee incorrectly ruled it a slip. Pascal came back in the second round when he countered Pittman coming in with a left hook to his chin that flattened him on his face.

But Pittman beat the count, and Pascal couldn’t finish him.

Pascal did show hand speed, movement, and aggression. Pascal does have a good left hook, but doesn’t have anything behind it. Pascal showed his limitations when he fought Kingsley Ikeke last year.

Pascal went 10 rounds with a 34 year-old with limited skills and rubber legs. His power proved questionable. Pittman took advantage of the fact that Pascal kept hands below his chest and squared his feet after throwing punches.

Pittman was able to hit Pascal with double jabs and solid punches to his chin. He seriously hurt Pascal in round seven with a left hook. Pascal looked as if he didn’t know what hit him and he was sent back peddling during the next two rounds.

That’s not good, considering Pittman is not a puncher. Pittman was overmatched, but kept coming forward and became increasingly determined to beat Pascal. Pittman stalked Pascal in the later rounds believing that he could knock him out and almost did.

Pittman had Pascal blinking in round eight. Pascal was also seriously hurt with a right hook to his chin just before the bell sounded to end round eight.

Pittman simply didn’t have the power to finish Pascal. But Miranda does and will finish him if proved the countless opportunities that Pittman had. Pascal did close the show and his consistency prior to round seven along with his closing performance in the 10th round won him the fight.

The three judges scored the bout for Pascal 98-91 (twice) and 97-92.

Miranda has twice challenged for a word title – both times at middleweight against Pavlik and Arthur Abraham. Miranda also fought a tall and rugged Howard Eastman. Miranda rose from the floor to soundly outbox and nearly KO Allan Green, a hard-punching super middleweight.

Miranda can also box, but can become very impatient in the ring. Miranda doesn’t want to wait for the knockout to come. Miranda wants the KO to occur whenever he presses for it. Miranda showed a lot of patience against Banks and the knockout came as easy as putting waffles in a toaster.

The same way Pascal ran from Pittman after getting tagged with a left hook in the seventh round, Pascal will be running all night long after Miranda hits him with the first solid punch of the fight.