What’s The Real Story Here

Updated: January 18, 2008


Here we go again

MISSING the point

purposely or stupidly

except right here

Whatever comment what’s her name made that led to the NOOSE cover and all the endless chatter that has followed and now the firing of the editor of GolfWeek. WHO CARES IT IS NOT THE ISSUE AND NOTHING HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED except maybe set African Americans further back in the sport of golf AND GOD HELP US ALL make Tiger Woods look like a “victim” (sic) and worse a Good Guy.


The REAL story is right in front of you followed of course by Tiger Woods playing his usual BS part in anything that relates to Race. The REAL story is that ALL “they” would have to do is “lynch” ONE African American and that would solve the “problem.”

In a normal world in some far away galaxy what this ill-conceived cover would have provoked is a far ranging discussion about African Americans in Professional Gold SORRY we mean the LACK of African Americans.

Here are a few stats you may not be aware

courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

According to a Wall Street Journal reporter he was told by a PGA of America official there are “around” 131 African American members which include full members and something the PGA refers to as “apprentices” – that is 131 African Americans in total in an organization with “more than” 27,000 members.

At the same time the WSJ quoted a separate source that there are OVER 2 million African American golfers in these United States. NOW DO THE MATH. 131 of 2 Million African American golfers are members of the ONLY important golf organization in America. Do you really think that is because African Americans want nothing to do with the PGA OR that the PGA wants nothing to do with them.

And of course

While all the PGA Pros on the Tour are members of the PGA of course ONLY ONE of those 131 African American card carrying members ( minus the “apprentices” ) ONLY ONE Black PGA member Tiger Woods plays on the PGA Tour.

Now it’s Tiger’s turn …

Again according to the Wall Street Journal

Mr. Woods accepted her apology ( what’s her name ) so readily Mr. Woods’ agent called the matter a “complete non-issue” and said “case closed” and that, in general, he ( Tiger ) didn’t stand up more for African American causes.

That Sports Fans is REALLY the story here. IF we believe the Wall Street Journal – and there is NO reason not to believe them – a spokesperson for Tiger Woods said to a reporter he ( Tiger ) didn’t stand up more for African American causes …. now Tiger’s PR guy intended that as a “positive” comment in his Sick World to indicate Tiger Woods is not going to react any more to the comments or the cover that had it been about anything else. Tiger Woods does not care about African Americans !

So now you have the REAL story(s) it’s not really about an offensive noose or the comments that provoked it it’s about how the REAL story as usual was IGNORED the painful lack of African Americans in the PGA and Tiger Woods unwillingness to do anything about it or even identify himself as an African American forget the noose it’s about much more

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