TO’s New Home(s) Have Too Many (Apparently)

Updated: January 5, 2008


Life is good in Dallas for Terrell Owens he

has really found a home

for himself in Big D

unlike Philadelphia

CORRECTION. Actually Terrell still has big homes in ritzy communities in New Jersey, Georgia, Miami and Philadelphia because he has been unable to sell his home for what he wants to get. And if you are a very rich football player keeping lots of homes is just not a major problem. So OT has not been hindered in collecting homes in Dallas where it appears he has found Football Happiness with the Cowboys.

Terrell has become a big part of their surging success. And no recent controversies. With TO’s stellar play among their assets Dallas finished the regular season tied with Green Bay and Indianapolis for the second best record in the NFL at 13-3 and top seeded in the NFC East with this week off as a reward. Time for Owens to rest the injured leg he suffered two weeks ago likely ready for next week’s Big Game

But this Box is about

Terrell’s real estate

not the state of the

Dallas Cowboys

And since we don’t feel a need to re-write what so prestigious a journal as The Wall Street Journal said about Owens’ real estate on Saturday we’ll let them ….

A warm welcome for The Wall Street Journal

“Football star Terrell Owens is expanding his Dallas real-estate holdings.”

” Mr. Owens, a receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, bought two homes in the city last month. On Dec. 11, Mr. Owens bought a 2,300-square-foot townhouse in Eastside Lofts, a new development in the city’s downtown Deep Ellum neighborhood. The modernist building has three bedrooms, a two-car garage and a roof deck with views of downtown. Developer Tom Granese says the home is an investment for Mr. Owens, who owns several other properties in the neighborhood. Mr. Granese wouldn’t say how much Mr. Owens paid for the property, but a nearly identical home in the development is on the market for $350,000.”

” Two days later, according to property records, Mr. Owens bought a condominium in Azure, a new high-rise building in Dallas’s Uptown neighborhood. The building features a spa, 17-seat theater, swimming pool and roof terrace. Details on Mr. Owens’ unit couldn’t be learned.”

” Mr. Owens, 34 years old, caught 81 passes for 1,355 yards and 15 touchdowns in this, his 12th professional season. He also owns homes in Lithonia, Ga., Moorestown, N.J., and Miami. The New Jersey home has been on the market for more than two years and is now listed for $3.4 million. The Georgia home has also been on and off the market for over a year but isn’t currently listed for sale.”

That’s it that’s enough

you now know all

about TO’s real estate

sorry you with

ONE home but

if you’ve got property

in Dallas for sale

give TO a call

he’s Buying !

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Terrell Owens ” HOW MANY HOMES DO I OWN “