Ten Million Dollar Man (Maybe)

Updated: January 20, 2008


Are you worth a salary

of $10 Million a year

Slugger Ryan Howard

is another Story

You know when Baseball season must be getting close when all the salary arbitration stories hit the media. This year Home Run Hitter Ryan Howard is King of that Hill. Howard is asking for more than any other player who falls into the category that allows them to “arbitrate.” Have their attorneys or agent argue their case before an impartial we are told trained 3 member panel in salary matters as applied to Baseball. Since arbitration began un 1974, as a result of arbitration players have won 199 times and the clubs 269 times. So arbitration is far from a slam-dunk for the players.

This is the first year Howard is eligible for arbitration. He can’t go free agent until after the 2011 season. He has already played 3 years for the Phillies in the Bigs under contract and he is obligated for 4 more. A real screw job especially since the Phillies kept him down on the farm at least more than 2 years than they should have.


Philadelphia has offered to pay Howard $7,000,000 for the 2008 season That is after paying Howard who has won both Rookie of the Year and MVP and hit a bucket load of Homer Runs, 58 in 2006 and 47 in an injury plagued last season. He got paid all of $900,000 last season. Because he was ineligible for arbitration and the Phillies could have paid him literally anything. Even the MLB minimum but they paid him $900,000 AFTER being named Rookie of the year in 2005 and MVP in 2006 and hitting 58 Home Runs. Even though Philadelphia may pay their head grounds keeper more Howard should feel “lucky” he did not even get less ?

Not that Howard is hurting

Ryan Howard got real smart real quick axing his former agent and signing with a power house agency based in Beverly Hills that represents among others Peyton Manning, Jennifer Anison, Brat Pitt and Derek Jeter. Good company for Ryan. And he is now “keeping” very good company. Howard so far has endorsement deals with Sony, Verizon, Topps and Subway among others. He is doing OK.

Still Philadelphia is

paying Howard to play Baseball and $3,000,000 separates what they and he think he is worth next season. We’ll see. From the outside the arbitration decisions often seem capricious. It is probably just as likely they leave his 2008 salary at $7,000,000 or raise it all the way to $10,000,000. Or somewhere in between.

What is for sure the Phillies and Howard are further apart in going to arbitration than any other player this year. 110 players initially filed for arbitration. 62 of them settled before arbitration. If Howard gets the entire $10,000,000 he will tie Alfonso Soriano for the highest salary ever awarded in arbitration.

Howard will learn his Salary Fate

sometime before February 21st

likely after spring training starts

too bad the arbitration sessions

are not broadcast on MLB.com

they would be amusing if not

interesting to watch

Ryan Howard ” HOW MUCH AM I WORTH ”