Straight No Chaser

By Desi Cortez
Updated: January 24, 2008

DENVER — You may not dig this, but dig this… It’s time to boycott a Black man’s product.

Let’s take this from the top.

Bill Clinton believes the hype. The man actually believes his alleged honorary Black man status — granted him because of the Ray-Bans, the Sax and the playboy lifestyle — is legit.

He believes he’s honestly earned the make-believe brother tag. Clinton believes this perception, he’s Black and has cultivated relationships with certain Black men of power, and will in the long run, benefit him and his wife.

One of those blood brothers — Robert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television. Johnson redefined what was considered Black-exploitation, and took peddling images of ghetto-life to another lower level.

Yes, a con man and a pimp. An Arkansas flim-flam man and a hustler baby.

Together, Bob and Bill are going after the man Johnson characterizes as Sidney Poitier, Barack Obama. Johnson’s correct, Obama is cut in that same manner and style of Mr Poitier, both in real life and in the film world.

It seems as if Johnson is mocking, making light of the similarities between Poitier and Obama, and I find that very believable, because Johnson crafted a product which is the flip-side of what Poiter and Obama are about.

I’m not going to dilly-dally, Johnson created Hee-Haw, dipped in chocolate.

The Klan nor the Republican Party — could not have themselves constructed a more destructive instrument then BET. A media machine, more-than-willing to give a global platform to any act who cutthroat greedy record label executives declared “artist.”

Young, mildly educated Black folks, who’s lyrical poetry lacked any conception of “Black Power” or “Black is Beautiful.” But instead reflected a “Life ain’t nothing but bitches and money and “get rich,…or die trying” mentality were given access to millions of homes, and allowed to depict and define Black folks in a way which would make Iceberg Slim blush, able to dictate what is Black culture.

Robert Johnson changed Black American popular culture…for the worst.

The man permitted life-takers and heart-breakers to be placed upon a pedestal. Unenlightened, mildly educated young Black folks were encouraged to glorify the ghetto-fabulous lifestyle.

Wangstas, gangstas, tanksters and niggar’s did not saturate the Black American landscape, and the world did not view Black Americans in that light, until Johnson’s vehicle drove it there..

The roles Sidney Poitier refused to play, Mr. Johnson gave those characters a stage, center stage. Creating a whole new genre much more destructive then “Buckwheat” “Superfly” or “Blacula”.

In the name of unbridled capitalism and the pursuit of personal profit, Johnson gave life to the belly of the Black underclass, magnified the gangsta-thug-tramp-trick -lifestyle, amplified the language of the street, to the point now where if you speak “good English” and not broken Ebonics and actually pursue a formal education, seek to experience, yet escape the projects… you be act’in white.

Recall Robert Townsend’s “Hollywood Shuffle” movie, where Townsend decried how Black actors and actresses had to cater to the racist whims of White directors, producers, writers and fans. In the long run, Townsend’s character refused?

Well, in real life, Robert Johnson had no bones about depicting what millions of Blacks believe is the worst of Black America — as the voice, the soul, the backbone of Black America.

Now today, this self-anointed aristocrat has the audacity to throw low-blows , level insults and lay innuendoes about Obama’s maturation process — whether or not he was a young man, smoking a joint — while Johnson was providing juvenile delinquents with access to the world.

And in the process, he’d not merely tout the positive attributes of Hillary, but allowing himself to be willingly used as a little attack dog, toting and touting the elitist liberal company line.

Johnson has been instructed to bring Sidney/Obama down, by any underhanded tactics required. And through it all, Mr. Johnson’s business partner, his airness, has not a damn thing to say.

Michael Jordan is not about to risk the fattness of his wallet, in order to be apart of changing this nation for …..the better.

This act of treason and sabotage blow’s me the you-know-what away…. To think, just because Johnson would prostitute himself for Bill and Hillary, he’d in turn hit the campaign trail, and ask you and I to do the same thing.

Could it be these fat-cats have forgotten the financial success of their new toy, the Charlotte Bobby-Cats depends in part on the patronage of fans….

I can’t think of a more effective way in which to send a message to this Negro Thurston Howell III tandem then to not purchase any NBA attire which has any connection to the Charlotte team. Yes, a yes boycott.

Send this out-of-touch with reality nobility a direct and deliberate message. If you live in the Carolinas, don’t attend any games, if your in an NBA city, don’t go to the game when Johnson’s team comes to town.

Yeah, that’s right, don’t give this guy a red penny, let him earn it the ol’ fashion way, step-n-fetch-it from the white folks he stomps for.