Straight No Chaser: The Super Bowl

By Desi Cortez
Updated: January 31, 2008
DENVER — As the dual in the desert approaches, Randy “Gathers No” Moss and The Plaxico Kid are being hunted down by a no-name posse comprised of envious sportswriters, who for whatever the vast array of reasons want for nothing more than — to hang these two boys by Sunday night….

They’re both too much like Ali, and not enough like Tiger. They refuse to abide by the company line. Black players should be seen, and hardly ever heard. Just stay in your place, boy.

Plaxico Burress merely stated the obvious. “You play the game to win.”

That’s the bottom line, that’s why you strap on the cleats and snap your chin strap on, to win. Nothing more, nothing less. As a individual, a player, a team, an organization, institution, or nation — the singular goal, objective, is to win. “I am going to say it again, the goal is to win the football game.” Burress said.

“It is not to come here and just play. The goal is to come here and win. That’s why we are here.” If you’re not in it, to win it, then why are you in the game. Be it life, business, love, whatever, success is what is sought.

So why is it such a controversial statement when a guy like Plax says “You have to believe in your team,” , and so very cool and appropriate when a guy like Broadway Joe went even further and guaranteed victory?

Can it have anything to do with not what is being said, but who is saying it?

America prefers it’s Blacks docile, humble, and if possible funny, in the laughing at you, and not with you mode. Joe Louis — model Negro, Supreme Judge Clarence Thomas, J.C Watts, Big George Foreman. Disarming colored men.

It’s ultra easy to lose site of this fact when the overwhelming majority of the folks who cover and report on both the professional and personal lives of Black gladiators are what — Conservatives?

Ponder this, how many sports writers are well aware Ronald Ray-gun, the founder of the Angry White male movement – launched his campaign for the White House from Philadelphia Mississippi?

And are OK with it. You may not know the siginifiance of this local, but I’d wager the rank and file Republicans disciples do…The game, these Afro-American players lives, are documented by writers and talking heads who should be writing for FOX News…

Look at the hostile relationship the press has crafted with Randy Moss. What does crow taste like? Is it best served up well-done or bloody?

I’m not sure, but it sure seems irrefutable to me – sports writers across America should be enjoying a healthy dose of humility. Randy Moss didn’t self destruct, explode, spread his form of prom queen cancer throughout the Patriots locker- room.

Never did he pitch-a-bitch anytime along the path to an unbeaten season. Everything these guys were hoping for….didn’t happen. I can’t phantom the disappointment in sportsbars across the heartland.

Can a sports writer ever choke on their own words?

But now, with a accusation of man-handling a female acquaintance, of which Moss denies, sports writers, who’ve been in the lab, with a pen and a pad, are now attempting to cast the “angry, hostile, unresponsive ” tag on Moss, and I for one, am sick and tired of hearing it.

Moss has committed some childish acts, bumping a traffic cop with his car, going too far with a ref, and pretending to moon Packer fans. But the man’s not a criminal, not a thug, not a hoodlum.

Moss represents one of those instances when I want to throw the red flag, and go back, review that depiction and interpretations of what just happened, because I didn’t see it like that, and I believe , with further review, all the world will agree with me… the media game is rigged.

These self-labeled journalists knowingly paint, and purposefully taint certain uppity, flamboyant, defiant players. Their opinions are premeditated — they detest today’s Black player and maintain an unhealthy disdain for the game of today.

I well aware I’m playing the “race card,” like clock-work, but I submit — it fits. Race is an issue which applies to how Black players are perceived and portrayed by sports writers across the land.

I’m not looking for kid glove treatment for these million dollar debutantes but it’s so very, very obvious, the sports press is made up of dudes who rarely walk in another man’s shoes.

The hostile attitudes towards McNabb, the treatment of Ty Willingham by Notre Dame… The ability to transfer their indifference to racial issues into their reporting; The NFL may not hire a Afro American head coach this season, and sportswriters will make it a point to ignore that travesty.

These cats reflect what they are, and where they came from – the other side of town…. George Bush Land. The better schools, in the better neighborhoods. Many of them went to all the right schools and knew all the right people, some Ivy league legacy types.

The arrogance derived from this form of informal apartheid — privilege, the lack of empathy and the absence of any desire to identify with someone different than you, is so lacking from their individual and collective conservative caucasian commentary.

I ask you, if Brett Favre and Jake Delhoumme were caught attending and betting on cock-fights, we’d hear more rationalizing, minimizing, slighting, and outright justifying of it by the press and fans who are desperately seeking Great White Hopes.

Black players represent the other team, no matter what team they’re on. As Black people, we’re born into the other team by the mere color of our skin. Matter of fact, our fathers and grandfathers couldn’t be on a goddamn team….

Oh, forgive me, that’s ancient history right? Irrelevant.

They don’t lynch niggers in back alleys anymore, do they? No, they do it front and center. Ask Barry, Vick, Ms. Jones….. They still, in all frankness don’t allow Blacks and women to have a room at the Augusta B&B, no?

Rush Limbaugh’s views on sports… and politics, society, the economy are shared, and echoed by scores of writers, reporters, host, editors and producers everywhere. Don’t fool yourself.

The rank and file of the sports press, grew up immersed in traditional USA redneck culture, be it with or without the suit and tie, urban or suburban, Boston or Austin, no matter how you twist it — These storytellers picked up the hatred and contempt held for Blacks…. or the silence and indifference towards the treatment of blacks.

Please, the white male sportsmen has deplored , fought outright the colorization of America’s pastimes, and that resentment creeps out, peculating constantly.

Honestly, is that a dramatization, or an accurate account of the environment and climate of this nation? Archie Bunker was the mold, who and what America was, up until….1970? 1980? 1990?

What the conservative right wing of the GOP is still today.

One has to wonder, at least I do, what percentage of sportswriters and editors for major newspapers, magazines, sports websites like Yahoo, how many are card carrying Republicans, and drive around with Bush/Cheney bumper stickers.

Hey, I just want you to weigh and measure who’s pounding these ebony gladiators daily. Think about who in the hell is framing the game. To truly decipher the sports news one has to look at it in the larger context, the bigger picture.

This country has a history of not liking Black folk, and you can hear it in their words.