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It is gonna end

one way or another

it’s gonna END

From the perspective of an “advanced” nation – if not the less developed – it is an OUTRAGEOUS disgrace what goes on in college football and basketball. If you want another “good” example of the HYPOCRISY rifled through our society spitting out victims right and left and CORRUPTING the halls of power even more …


And gee what a surprise the vast majority of those EXPLOITED are African Americans. And not just in the most obvious way. The fact that the majority of NCAA especially Division I football and basketball players are BLACK. It goes even deeper the FREE labor these young men ( and similarly young women in basketball ) are FORCED to provide is a far far greater burden on average that for the White student athletes playing these two Mega-Buck Sports.

Basic logic and justice – if it existed – would demand at a minimum these kids be provided a living wage for providing a VALUABLE service to the college they attend. ANY OTHER STUDENT WHO PROVIDES A VALUABLE SERVICE IS READILY COMPENSATED. Often generously.

And yes we will keep repeating what you already know because it has not sunk in yet. Not only aren’t the players compensated financially they are FORBIDDEN to receive any benefit from anyone. AGAIN any other student taken to a restaurant by an alumni or across the country on his private jet for that matter has no problem at all. There is nothing wrong with students and alumni mingling. EXCEPT for student athletes. A tuna fish salad sandwich would be enough to allow the college to ban them forever from football or basketball on campus and remove whatever “scholarship” they may have.

But let’s bring in another voice

to freshen up the discussion

Michael Lewis a Sports

Writer and Author

from a NYTimes article “Serfs of the Turf”

( November 11, 2007 )

” College football’s best trick play is its pretense that it has nothing to do with money, that it’s simply an extension of the university’s mission to educate its students. Were the public to view college football as mainly a business, it might start asking questions. For instance: why are these enterprises that have nothing to do with education and everything to do with profits exempt from paying taxes? Or why don’t they pay their employees? ” ” This is maybe the oddest aspect of the college football business. Everyone associated with it is getting rich except the people whose labor creates the value. At this moment there are thousands of big-time college football players, many of whom are black and poor. They perform for the intense pleasure of millions of rabid college football fans, many of whom are rich and white. The world’s most enthusiastic racially integrated marketplace is waiting to happen.”

” But between buyer and seller sits the National Collegiate Athletic Association, to ensure that the universities it polices keep all the money for themselves — to make sure that the rich white folk do not slip so much as a free chicken sandwich under the table to the poor black kids. The poor black kids put up with it because they find it all but impossible to pursue N.F.L. careers unless they play at least three years in college. Less than one percent actually sign professional football contracts and, of those, an infinitesimal fraction ever make serious money. But their hope is eternal, and their ignorance exploitable.”

or later in the article …

” It’s not that football players are too stupid to learn. It’s that they’re too busy. Unlike the other student on campus, they have full-time jobs: playing football for nothing. Neglect the task at hand, and they may never get a chance to play football for money.”

” Last year the average N.F.L. team had revenue of about $200 million and ran payrolls of roughly $130 million: 60 percent to 70 percent of a team’s revenues, therefore, go directly to the players. There’s no reason those numbers would be any lower on a college football team — and there’s some reason to think they’d be higher. It’s easy to imagine the Universities of Alabama ($44 million in revenue), Michigan ($50 million), Georgia ($59 million) and many others paying the players even more than they take in directly from their football operations, just to keep school spirit flowing. (Go Dawgs!) ” ” But let’s keep it conservative. In 2005, the 121 Division 1-A football teams generated $1.8 billion for their colleges. If the colleges paid out 65 percent of their revenues to the players, the annual college football payroll would come to $1.17 billion. A college football team has 85 scholarship players while an N.F.L. roster has only 53, and so the money might be distributed a bit differently.”

” You’d pay up for the most critical positions,” one N.F.L. front office executive told me on the condition that I not use his name. “You’d pay more for quarterbacks and left tackles and pass rushing defensive ends. You’d pay less for linebackers because you’d have so many of them. You could just rotate them in and out.”

” A star quarterback, he thought, might command as much as 8 percent of his college team’s revenues. For instance, in 2005 the Texas Longhorns would have paid Vince Young roughly $5 million for the season. In quarterbacking the Longhorns free of charge, Young, in effect, was making a donation to the university of $5 million a year — and also, by putting his health on the line, taking a huge career risk.”

” Perhaps he would have made this great gift on his own. The point is that Vince Young, as the creator of the economic value, should have had the power to choose what to do with it. Once the market is up and running players who want to go to enjoy the pure amateur experience can continue to play for free.”


college football and

basketball is a SCAM

you can like the action

on the field you can say

you don’t care but it

does NOT change

the facts college sports


if we had anything close to

a “normal” society this

ABUSE of student athletes

would NEVER be tolerated

but this is America where


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