Mike, It’s Time To Testify

By Yolanda P.
Updated: January 13, 2008

NEW YORK — Regardless of whether he desires, Michael Vick must testify. He must speak for himself. He is the only one who knows about the extent of his involvement in the dog fighting operation beyond financing it. Some say he pled guilty. That means nothing. It merely means he gave into pressure.

He was pressured into taking a plea. Newspaper articles reported he was given a deadline in which to plead guilty or receive additonal charges. If that is not pressure then someone needs to enlighten me. Miichael Vick must testify. He is the only one who knows the truth.

I do not trust those who immediately agreed to plead and testify against Vick because of their desire to obtain a reduced sentence. Some may mock everything he says while others might carefully consider what he says and the manner in which he said it.

Michael says he wants people to know the real Vick. Only he can reveal the “real” Vick. Others can only speak about him.They can describe him but only he can present the real Michael Vick. He must speak for himself and not from a prescribed script.

Sure, some may call him a hypocrite. But, regardless of what he does some will continue to call him a hypocrite. Mike must understand he can no longer hide from others or seek the shelter of his boyhood home.
He rushed back toVirginia at the completion of each football season in an effort to avoid manhood and its demands. He can no longer be coddled. He is a man who has a family who depends upon him.

Those who know Michael Vick, those who believe individuals should be given another chance and those who believe it is ridiculous to give a man 23 months in prison for fighting and abusing animals will continue to support Michael Vick. (Those who support Michael Vick are not necessarly saying they agree or approve of what he “did” rather they are saying we will continue to support you regardless of what you did.)
Some continue to speak for Vick and say he is a good man. It’s time for Vick to be his own spokesperson. If I were talking with him, I would say, “Michael, be strong. Stand and others will stand with you.”

“If you want people to know you as Vick the individual and not Vick the football player then show them Vick the individual and not Vick the football player.”

From what I gather Vick the individual is a caring individual who many referred to as being rather shy. He is a loving father. The projected image on the football field is that Michael Vick is arrogrant. Only you can reveal the “real” Michael Vick. Some may mock and ridicule. So what!

I hope that Michael understands that life is greater than being on the “football” field. To Michael I would say, “Continue to strive to be the best football player but also strive to be the best human being, best father” and best family member”.

Some say Vick can no longer be a role model. I say no. He can serve as a role model to youth. He can convey a message to those who idologize athletes. That message is athletes are not Gods. They are human beings who unlike God may make poor decisons.

Athletes like many others sometimes may fall short of our expectations. They do things which they later regret. They will suffer the consequences of those poor decisions and bad choices. Please forgive them should they fall. Give them a second chance.

To those youth who made poor decisions which they now regret or failed to take advantage of opportunities when they were given etc,.,his message would be, Like you I made a poor decision. I suffered the consequences of that decision. I was mocked and ridiculed. Some referred to me as a “disgraced” athlete.

But, I overcame those obstacles. If you should stumble rather than giving up and saying it’s over as so many youth have proclaimed, why not say I’ll start all over again or try another avenue.

He should emphasize that some may mock them when and if they should fall. They might say “I knew it was only a matter of time.” To those who would mock someone when others have erred or failed to live up to our expectations I remind them of Jesus’ response to those who wanted to stone a woman because she had erred, “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

All walked away. Need I say more.

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Too many youths have given up. They need someone to say, “Look I made a mistake but I did not allow it to keep me down. If I turned my life around, then so can you.”

They would rather hear that message from someone who had been where they are rather than from someone who merely cites things gleaned from a textbook.

Some mock and refer to Vick as a disgraced athlete. Michael Vick is a disgraced athlete because he was convicted of participated in a dog fighting operation they say. Some athletes have been involved in the destruction of human life and have yet to be considered disgraced athletes.

They continued and continue to remain on the football field. Someone please explain. Does the reaction to Vick’s episode with those dogs indicate that some believe its better to harm another human being then to harm an animal.

What have we in America become? I question the hysteria surrounding Vick and the dog fighting operation. Maybe Michael Vick’s greatest mistake was being a “black” man in America.

My youngest son fell due into drug activity. We tried to convince him it was not too late to start over again but it was as though he did not believe us. Maybe he would listen if it were to be proclaimed by someone who had been once been considered a star athletic who no one expected to make a bad decision or make a mistake but who made a mistake and did not live up to the expectations of others but was able to put his life back together.
Youth today in American are vulnerable.