First Heisman Hopeful For ’04 Brad Smith

Updated: January 11, 2008

A BASN Classic BlackBox Originally Published: September 03, 2004


With Larry Fitzgerald off to the NFL after his Sophomore year ( say it again Sophomore year ) and with Maurice Clarett and Mike Williams screwed by the NCAA, thus with the three top Heisman 2004 candidates gone, thank God there are other outstanding Black prospects for the 2004 Heisman.

Salvation may be found in the fact that one of the Best at the start of the season is a Black Quarterback, especially with the new assault against the possible emergence of African Americans to dominate the QB position before the end of the Decade. The latest sad chapter being the mugging of Quincy Carter by Jimmy Jones.

Brad Smith, Missouri’s stellar Quarterback may be the Man to renew our Hope if he can live up to his potential this season. In spite of the recent anti-Black bias in Heisman voting in recent years he could make it Impossible to screw him out of the Trophy.

But he can never forget as none of us should that to win the Heisman he can’t afford to just be the best college player this year. He has to be so much better that he can’t be Denied. All he has to do is remind himself of Larry Fitzgerald Jr. getting screwed out of last year’s Heisman.

Because here in the 21st century a new generation of Bigots has emerged. All anyone with half a Brain has to do is review the Heisman voting the last three years. Some of the current voters would make the pre-1961 Heisman voters “proud.” That was the year an African American the great great Ernie Davis, finally won the Heisman as a Black college football player.

So exactly who is Brad Smith that we should all be watching his Performance and tuning into Missouri football whether we care about that team or not. And keeping in mind Missouri has not been a top football power for 40 years.

Smith now a Junior has made Believers of lots of Missourians who had pretty much given up on the home team. Beginning with his Freshman year in which he took on the QB starting role Smith engineered a series of upsets that resulted in the first surge in ticket sales in years.

Last season he led the team to a more than respectable 8-5 record topped off by a major upset of ‘mighty’ Nebraska. Their first victory over the Cornhuskers since 1978.

In two seasons Brad Smith has already broken the all time Missouri record for total yards with a foot stomping 6,745 yards. Think about that. And yes with his production and explosive style he is already being compared to Donovan McNabb.

We’re not going to hit you with endless detail about Smith. We are telling you to watch him. Very closely and enjoy the Show. Missouri because of Smith is going to merit some good TV exposure so that enjoying him in action not just on the sports pages will be a real Treat.

Nobody is talking about him jumping the NCAA for the NFL after this his Junior year but if he goes on to win the Heisman well all bets are off in the current environment. Even more when you take into account the poor quality of so many of the white NFL QBs, and current era NFL team thinking that few are willing to stay even a full season with inferior Quarterbacks any more in the hope they will grow into the Job.

Still it is rough going for Black Quarterbacks in college and the NFL. After a burst of Euphoria with the rise of Black QBs out of no where the last half dozen years after decades of blatant Racism, the more “sophisticated” hip forms of 21st century Racism are asserting themselves.

Don’t kid yourself about the very real fear of White Bigots that African American QBs could become as prevalent as African Americans are at every other single position in football.

Racism Lives.

Watch your Back Brad Smith.

And needless to say.

Stay out of

Eagle, Colorado.

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