Finally Praise The Lord We’re Not Alone

Updated: January 24, 2008


It’s been a LONELY six years here in the Black Box while everyone was Bending Over for The Great Tiger Woods while he MOCKED African Americans with his complete Disdain we alone didn’t drink the Kool Aid Tiger Woods may be the RICHEST athlete in human history. He might be the GREATEST Golfer ever. HE IS STILL A PHONY. A Money Worshipping Black Man who sells out his own Brothers and Sisters for The Almighty Dollar as though he doesn’t ready have more than he can ever spend. It reached the height of Audacity as we reported right here last week and no one else did what Tiger’s PR spokesman said to The Wall Street Journal in response to the GolfWeek controversy.

The Black Box from 1/19/08 QUOTE ….

Mr. Woods’ agent called the matter a “complete non-issue” and said “case closed” and that, in general, he ( Tiger ) didn’t stand up more for African American causes. Put another way TIGER DOES NOT STAND UP FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN CAUSES AT ALL. As he has painfully proven from the very first day he emerged as The Promised One in the world of White Owned Marketing.

FINALLY enough is enough Jim Brown has emerged to criticize Tiger Woods will there be others ??

Jim Brown in his own words ….

Cleveland Browns legend Jim Brown was critical of Tiger Woods handling of the recent controversy when golf commentator Kelly Tilghman made a reference to “lynching” Tiger Woods. Woods came to Tilghman’s defense and basically said it wasn’t a big deal. Well, it was a big deal to Brown, who many feel is the best running back ever to suit up in the NFL.”

“He should have come out right away. Instead, he waited until it was politically correct [to comment],” Brown said. “The word ‘lynch’ … there is no redeeming part of it.”

“When you say lynch, you’re gonna have to pay the price,” Brown continued. “That is a very embarrassing word, a humiliating one, in the history of our country.”

Sadly while praising Brown we can’t get all that exited. To an extend he too fell into The Tiger Trap. All he did was criticize Woods for his lack of responsiveness to the lynching issue. Again as the Box noted last week that is NOT the real issue here Mr. Brown. It is the fact that Tiger Woods forever distances himself from African American issues.

Worst of all Jim Brown seemed as clueless as so many others to Tiger’s most pernicious (look it up if you didn’t last time) FAILURE which is that he unlike any other athlete in history has the POWER to force White America to offer African Americans FAIRNESS not only in Golf but in ALL Sports. But he does not because Tiger does NOT want to be perceived as African American BECAUSE IT IS BAD FOR BUSINESS.


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