Finally An Athlete Well Thank You Hery Louis Gates

Updated: January 29, 2008


No we weren’t about to spend $795 for the 8 volumes but maybe you should for us the new biographies of 4100 African Americans What is likely to become the definitive compilation of important Africans in American history and these volumes their “official” life stories or conversely if you aren’t in there you don’t make the cut – a massive 8 volume project to be officially published in February (of course). Co-authored by well known African American Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and fellow scholar Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham the “African American National Biography.”

So what’s our Spin ?

Well sadly we can’t do what we wanted to do examine all 4100 biographies to determine how many of these African Americans are or were either athletes or deeply involved in Sports – actually we still will if you will just send us $795 – since our suspicion is that far less sports figures than might or should be included are.

The fact is that within the African American community today those who are leaders outside of Sports many have a strong tendency to discount the African American experience in Sports. Even worse some Black Leaders are completely antagonistic toward Sports believing that Sports is the bane of Black America.

Specifically concerning Professor Gates we are extremely leery about Dr. Gates interest in Sports may we present our case While we could not examine the new 8 volumes Professor Gates has already published a one volume precursor to the multi-volume set titled “African American Lives” based on the same research and that book was transformed into a well received PBS Special last year entitled ” African American Lives.” 9 African Americans were profiled as representative of the scope of the African American community. EXCEPT NOT ONE OF THOSE PROFILED WAS AN ATHLETE OR INVOLVED IN SPORTS.

Now coming this February PBS will present Dr. Gates African Lives Part 2 and mercy yes one is an African American ATHLETE finally check it out Included is Jackie Joyner-Kersee. PRAISE THE LORD DR. GATES. You give us hope if not anywhere as much as Barack Obama. At least we can probably lose our fear that there might be NO African American athletes in the 8 volumes being published shortly. Still we will have to wonder how many ?? From here we would estimate at least 10% deserve to be either African American athletes or African Americans involved is Sports on some level over these last 400 years since the first African was forcibly brought here.

Doing the math that would mean at least 400 African men & women included in the 8 volume African American National Biography want to bet there aren’t even 100 athletes or quite possibly less just as soon as we find out we’ll let you know as well it will be fascinating to Learn if we owe Dr. Gates an Apology stay tuned ….

African American Biography ABOUT TO BE PUBLISHED