Clueless Jesse Jackson

Updated: January 31, 2008


FINALLY Jesse Jackson speaks out on MLB Umpires and misses the Point COMPLETELY Seems Major League Baseball has lately been sending around investigators to talk to the neighbors and friends of Major League Umpires as a “background check” supposedly to make sure Baseball does not end up with its own referee betting scandal as happened with the NBA. But one question has produced an uproar.

” Do you know if your neighbor the Umpire belongs to the Ku Klux Klan ” Yes an absurd insulting question with absolutely no evidence for asking the question. BUT THAT IS NOT OUR STORY. Ours is far better or worse depending how you interpret the word “better.” Jesse Jackson literally bolted for the microphones to stay ahead of the crowd denouncing MLB for asking such a Question.

Now if you don’t know what was going through Jesse’s head we will tell you. Hey wow what an easy way to show the White World I am fair minded and defend the rights of anyone who is wronged. So far so good that is if you aren’t smart enough to read the Box to get the real story here and why Jackson is not such a White Knight here.

This may be too deep for Jesse Jackson but certainly not our readers When Jackson stands up and DEFENDS MLB Umpires – even more over a rather trivial matter when all is said and one – and stands shoulder to shoulder with World Umpire Association President John Hirschbeck It is the WHITES ONLY leadership of the Umpires Association which plays an integral part in the fact that the MLB Umpire corps today and throughout its entire history has been almost exclusively WHITE ……

…… that Jesse Jackson is standing up for. Giving LEGITIMACY to as a Black Leader. There are TWO African American MLB Umpires among a total of 70. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN MORE THAN 2 BLACK UMPIRES IN AN MLB SEASON EVER.

So what is Jesse Jackson REALLY doing standing up for the Umpires Association Jackson is giving them LEGITIMACY they absolutely do not deserve. The MLB Umpire corps is a family and friendship based “insiders club” to which African Americans need not apply. Maybe if Jackson was not so interested in jumping for the nearest microphone he might have done something very simple FIRST checked out the World Umpire Association AND actually counted the number of African Americans who are Umpires in the Major Leagues. MAYBE he would have had second thoughts about jumping into a minor squabble between MLB and the Umpires Association.

on the other hand maybe Jesse Jackson just doesn’t care a microphone is a microphone FREE attention for Jesse In all these years that African Americans have been abused by the MLB Umpire “system” Jackson has never once never once said a word criticizing Major League Baseball for the lack of African American Umpires or for that matter the lack of managers, executives, owners or even players now BUT BECAUSE WHITE UMPIRES get bent out of shape because of one racially charged question ……

…….. Jackson is doing more for these WHITE Umpires than he has ever ever done for African Americans and the fact these WHITE Umpires for all practical purposes have “locked out” Black Umpires. And he stands up for an Association that has never ever complained there are only TWO Black Umpires.

Too bad Jesse Jackson doesn’t care the World Umpire Association is comprised of 9 executives and board members and NEVER has there been an African American in any of the positions “good work” Jesse thanks for nothing