Clarett’s Curse

Updated: January 8, 2008


You can find more conventional

explanations of Ohio State’s

second straight humiliation

in the BCS Championship

elsewhere here we

Dig Down for the Real Truth. And we are here to proclaim the CURSE that has followed Ohio State since 2002 when a talented young Freshman Running Back Maurice Clarett led Ohio State to the National Championship.

Remember Maurice Clarett

In many ways it was that Championship Game that sealed Clarett’s and Ohio State’s fate. Clarett emboldened thought he could DEFY the Football Gods meaning the Guys with the Money and the Power ( do we really need to add White ). What should have been could have been an historic moments for college football for all of Sports turned into a Debacle for Maurice Clarett and now we contend Ohio State is paying the Price.


In case you have forgotten soon after his Championship Performance Clarett began telling reporters and others he intended to enter the NFL Draft after his Sophomore Season. DEFYING THE ULTIMATE “RULE” THAT KEPT COLLEGE PLAYERS IN THEIR PLACE AS SERFS. Never ever had a Golden Player a SuperStar in the making proclaimed he would challenge the “exclusion” rule to play in the NFL after only two years of college ball. IF Clarett succeeded it would result in Chaos in the carefully constructed world of College Football.

THE NFL might begin drafting more and more talented college players BEFORE they became the Big Stars in College feeding the College Football Machine, bringing in the millions in tv rights and endorsement deals and keeping that rich alumni money flowing like a never ending fountain of $$$$$.

Here are excerpts from a Box

about Clarett from July 1. 2004

after he lost his final appeal

It’s all over for Maurice Clarett and his Heroic Effort. Vacation began Thursday for the Supremes in DC and they took with them any Hope Maurice had to make it into the NFL this Fall. The Court adjourned without hearing Clarett’s appeal to the Second Circuit’s reversal of Judge Scheindlin’s Decision in favor of him.

By the time the Supremes arrive back late in September the NFL season will be well underway. Even if they heard the case then which is more than unlikely it will not change Clarett’s status even if they did the most unlikely thing of all and uphold the original Decision.

Label it a Victory for the Status Quo. If you want.

Maurice Clarett will be relegated to a footnote in sports history, and all those who kiss ass for the NCAA can forever take cheap shots at him, in the false belief they are upholding some sacred good, the integrity (sic) of college sports. When all they are doing is players the role of Suckers for a billion dollar sports Machine that has nothing to do with college or the spirit of amateur sports.

It’s like John Ashkroft claiming the Bush administration has stripped hundreds if not thousands of individuals of every single Constitutional protection in order to protect the Constitution, and that claiming they can arrest any American citizen as an “enemy combatant” without charges, without the individual being allowed access to a lawyer or the courts, and for as long as the government wants, is his patriotic duty.

It’s all Bullshit.

Unfortunately for Clarett and all of us he fell Vicim to the forces of Power. Power that can do whatever it likes to protect its Status no matter how unfair or unjustified. While Clarett was being denied entry to the NFL Draft6 individuals younger than Clarett were allowed to participate.

And while college sophomore Clarett was industrious enough to finish high school in 3 1/2 years that was used against him to keep him out of the Draft, while college sophomore Larry Fitzgerald who took 5 years to get his high school diploma was awarded special permission by the NFL to enter the Draft.

And now the Supreme Court has even denied Maurice Clarett the opportunity to argue his very good case for all our Constitutional rights and for Fairness. Instead they took off for vacation oblivious to Clarett’s fate.

No matter how poorly Maurice Clarett is treated will not change the character and the abuses that exist within the NCAA and its member colleges. No matter what, history proves sooner or later that institutions that practice unbridled power suffer their just Fate.

The fact is all the student athletes who must adhere to the NCAA“system” if they want to play NFL football and which provides them no representation, all know the real game to which they are subject.

The college administrators sitting high in the luxury boxes during the college football season, huge crowd of fellow students, local fans, the alumni filling the stadiums at colleges like Ohio State University, most of the media covering the games, and millions watching on tv can Fool themselves about what they are watching to an extent, but they really can’t hide from the Truth.

They are all watching indentured Servants who as is widely known and repeatedly proven students in name only, football players for the most part completely detached from the college life around them, and earning degrees, when they do, that are empty diplomas, that rarely signify a true college education.

The other Irony is that had Maurice’s victory in the Lower Court been upheld, it is our colleges and amateur athletics that would have won the most. Colleges would have been forced to deal with student athletes as real individuals with rights and responsibilities that the colleges would have had to offer more than Threats to keep them in their colleges.

And if more and more of the truly outstanding athletes opted for pro careers ( since they are the only ones who would end up being Drafted ) so much the Better that our colleges stopped being the exclusive minor league for a professional sport, and college athletics once again would became part of a well rounded education, rather than being forced labor for talented athletes.

In general individuals are better off in college and earning degrees. But far more important that each young adult decide that for themselves, and that if student athletes are told they are receiving a college education they really are.

Instead we perpetrate a Sham.

That diminishes us All.

And the Truth of America.

And destroys the lives of young men like Maurice Clarett who if not for the Greed of the Machine would be playing NFL football this Fall, earning a living and building a career for himself.

Instead he has been spit out.

By this Mindless Machine.


With the Support of the Supreme Court.

God Bless America.

That pretty well summed up how Clarett was DESTROYED for changeling the Status Quo. By the way just as Bill and Hillary are trying to do to Barack Obama for defying an even more powerful Status Quo. As for Clarett yes he proved immature under all the pressure then self-destructed the rest of his life. That just emphasizes the horror show he was forced to endure for asserting his rights as an American.

Ohio State’s LAST moment of Glory was Clarett’s LAST game there January 3, 2003 Tempe, Arizona 2002 BCS Championship Game Ohio State made it back to the BCS Championship the last two years SUFFERING humiliating defeats it is Clarett’s CURSE

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