Brady The MVP? Please!

By L.A. Batchelor
Updated: January 6, 2008

NORTH CAROLINA — Tell me how anyone logical, sensible, honest and non-bias person could even say and award Tom Brady as the MVP of the NFL this season?

All you have to do is go back to last year and look at his stats with no Randy Moss, Dante Stallworth and others. They (his stats from last year) are abysmal! Let’s look at his stats from last season and then this season.

Last season (regular season): 61.8 completion percentage, 3,529 passing yards, 6.8 yards per pass, 220.6 passing yards per game, 24 touchdowns, 12 interceptions and a 87.9 passer rating.

This season: 68.9 completion percentage, 4,806 passing yards, 8.3 yards per pass, 300.4 passing yards per game, 50 touchdowns, 8 interceptions and a 117.2 passer rating.

So what happened? Did he suddenly learn how to throw the ball better? Did he work harder in the off season to get bigger,stronger, faster like Lee Majors? Did he suddenly have an epiphany on how to be more accurate and throw more touchdowns?

Of course not. All of these scenarios are ludicrous and absurd.

No, Brady got the award because the white media was looking to crown the new “Larry Bird”. The great white hope. Bird like Brady, was sort of declared great and the hope of many whites even if he didn’t want to.

Either way, Like Bird, Brady has come to embrace it and take full advantage of it. He is the new Champion of the white man’s athletic world. Brady is the white athlete some caucasians feel is as good as “the brothas” if not better.

All of this regardless of the fact Randy Moss had a career year, catching over 20 touchdowns, he has a solid offensive line, a great coach and a defense that makes big plays when needed.

Brady is good, but not great. You don’t have to be great to complete a pass in the NFL, you just have to be good. No, greatness is making your team and teammates better like Randy Moss.

How many games did he make big catches when the Patriots needed him? The Colts game, the Ravens game and others that took the Patriots on the brink of disaster to the possibility of Legend.

Wake up people and stop being HOODWINKED, BAMBOOZLED AND FOOLED! Read between the lines, quotes and columns the mainstream media tries to show down our throats daily and see what’s really going on.

Brady’s not the MVP of the league. He’s not even the MVP of his own team. To me, the best plays in Indy and will show it by leading his team back to The Superbowl.

The struggle continues.